HzO WaterBlock

It’s happened to everyone, that feeling of dread when you drop your phone into the unfathomable depths of the latrine while texting on the toilet. Sifting through your own waste is one thing. Making sure your phone (and emotional stability) emerge unscathed, now that’s another. The makers of HzO WaterBlock understand the urgency to prevent this epidemic of accidental phone drownings. While others, such as Liquipel, offer a caseless waterproofing, HzO WaterBlock seals the circuitry from inside out during the manufacturing process. This should offer greater protection, though Liquipel doesn’t fare too bad.

So next time you watch Rom-Com #47 and the romantic lead dives, phone first, into a swimming pool to prove his undying love or whatever, take a deep breath. Before your frustration boils over, just repeat to yourself, “He had an HzO phone…he had an HzO phone…”

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