Prospector Co. Shaving Kit

After an arduous day of gold panning in the streams of 1840’s California, a prospector such as yourself has most likely sprouted quite the formidable beard. Secure your donkey to the nearest tree and get a-barberin’ with the Prospector Co. Tester Vials Shaving Kit ($16). The kit includes a sampling of Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil, followed up with either K.C. Atwood or Peary & Henson Aftershave Splash. Make sure to comb out any flapjack residue and squirrel gristle before applying Burrough’s Beard Oil, though, or you might look the darned fool. When all the beard croppin’ and fancy groomin’ is complete, you’ll be ready to winnow for hours in search of precious, precious gold. GOLD!

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