Seabreacher Y: Fly like a Whale

If The Cove, the 2009 documentary about a Japanese fishing village and its brutal dolphin slaughtering practices, lit a fire under your ass for revenge, this is the vehicle to do it in. The Seabreacher Y is a two-person semi-submersible watercraft that leaps 12 feet out of the air, dives down 5 feet, does 360-degree rolls, and reaches surface speeds up to 50 mph. It’s also painted like a killer whale. Can you imagine the fear you’ll strike into their hearts when those “fishermen” look over the horizon and see an army of orcas being led by you in this amazing piece of machinery? OK, first things first. Go get $100,000 to buy one of these, then call all the killer whales you know. This is gonna be big.

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