In dense, urban areas, ease of transportation is increasingly limited. Cars and even bikes become cumbersome. The YikeBike looks to solve that problem and bring enjoyment to short-distance transportation. Designed to be the world’s smallest electric bike, the YikeBike features a carbon fiber frame and weighs a little over 20 pounds. Plug it in, charge it for 30 minutes and you’ve just bought yourself 6 miles of time-saving travel. Riders easily accelerate and brake with controls located near the seat, while hitting top speeds of 15 mph on the 1 kw motor.

When arriving, the YikeBike folds up to roughly 2.5′ x 2′, something that you can just sling over your shoulder. For those looking to help the environment, save time and want a bit of cool factor in their life, the YikeBike looks to be the perfect asset. The carbon fiber frame retails for $3,795, while the slightly heavier aluminum frame sells for $1,995. Video of the YikeBike in action below. Purchase directly from YikeBike here.

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