The Better Bacon Book

Long ago it became cool for men to worship bacon–that’s nothing new. These days, however, if you wanna impress the hairy heteros at your local hangout, you can’t just polish off a pack of pork a week and expect a hero’s welcome. Win the superficial support of your friends by making your own with “The Better Bacon Book” ($5), the iPad-exclusive how-to guide to preparing, curing, slicing and frying your favorite meat. We’re gonna assume you can handle the eating part on your own. Tom Mylan, executive butcher at The Meat Hook in Brooklyn, takes you through 20 instructional videos, which is 19 more than we ever thought we’d see in our lifetime but 20 more than Tom probably thought he was getting paid for. You’ll also get bacon-loaded recipesĀ from top restaurants and bars, like bacon jam and rye whiskey and bacon. Hey, what do guys think about this one: A bacon cheeseburger?! Take a few minutes to wrap your head around that concept.

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