Unit Portables, Ikea Your Laptop Bag

Belkin and Case Logic are great if you want functional storage for your laptop and other accessories. Not so great if you care about style. Scandinavia’s Unit Portables introduces Units 01 – 04, customizable bags that do not sacrifice style for function. The unit numbers indicate specific bags or pouches within Unit Portables’ line. Unit 01 refers to its laptop bag, the base unit which is able to house up to a 15″ laptop. On the Unit 01, you can hook the smaller pouches of Units 02 – 03, or the iPad bag, Unit 04. All bags come in 5 different colors and available for purchase in person at their Scandinavian store. Doh! They expect availability internationally eventually, but you can tide yourself over at theĀ Unit Portables’ site.

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