Seagate GoFlex Satellite Hard Drive

Watching video on your phone is not fun. It seems like we spend more time staring at the video load than on the video itself. Streaming data to your smartphone just got a little easier though. Seagate introduces the GoFlex Satellite Portable Hard Drive, a battery-powered external storage unit that streams data over its built-in WiFi. Coming in at 500gb, the GoFlex Satellite beams your videos, music and other data to your iOS-specific device via an iOS app or web browser. While an Android app still is in development, Android users can access the unit via their web browser.

Up to three users can connect to the unit with a maximum distance of 100 feet. The rechargeable battery supports 25 hours of battery life, or about 5 hours of streaming video. Priced at $200 retail, the Satellite GoFlex may not be an everyday item you carry around. Yet, its ability to stream video and music could fill up those car trips with the kids or downtime in between work or travel. Preorders available now.

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