2012 Shelby 1000

Hark! What sight doth sheen stilly, now loudly on yon horizon? O mercurial beast, azure in colour, whose name dances on labras. Shelby, ten-centuries of horse’s power, giveth 2012 Super-Stang as thy surname. Be thy loon or lout or jack of knaves, surely a lozel, with thy bollen wallet, can afford thine luxury? The cost may bestraught ($200,000). Forsooth, tis only mine conceit, and foul estimation. But come eld and exigence, regret may eche, as only a thousand Shelby’s upon us bestowed. I bid thou, friends and lovers, dig-you-a-good-den. Til the morrow!

Translation: Shelby 2012 Super-Stang, 1000 horspower, and only 1000 are being made. Get Shakespeare’d, bro.

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