World’s Smallest 3D Printer For Only $1700

What will be the next technological disruption in our lifetimes? Not apps or smartphones. Maybe stem cells. Nope, 3D printing will turn the world upside down. Imagine printing what you need in your own home. Dinner plates, computer parts, medicine, the range literally runs the gamut.

The Vienna Univeristy of Technology (TU Vienna) has furthered this revolution, building the world’s smallest 3D printer. No bigger than a milk carton and priced at $1700 USD, 3D printing edges closer to mainstream adoption.

Typical 3D printers print mainly with plastic for now, though more expensive ones can use wood and metal. TU Vienna’s 3D printer is no different. Users fill a tub of resin and high beams of light harden each layer at the exact points, working through subsequent layers until all layers have been hardened. And voila! You’ve just saved on gas, driving time, running into out of stock items and dealing with insane traffic jams.


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