ioSafe SoloPRO, Protect Your Data Against the 2012 Apocalypse

With the 2012 Apocalypse fast approaching, how will you keep your data safe? Look no further than ioSafe’s SoloPro, a fireproof, waterproof and dummy-proof external hard drive. As fires ravage the lands, feel secure with SoloPRO’s 30 minute protection against 1550° heat. You’re on your own in that 31st minute, but half an hour should be enough time to formulate a plan. And as those floods race across the fruited plains, rest easy knowing your valuable porn is protected 10 feet underwater. For 3 days! It also doubles as a flotation device, although this isn’t disclosed in the instruction manual.

ioSafe includes a twelve month data recovery service with each unit. So, you’re all set if the apocalypse lasts into 2013. ioSafe’s SoloPro retails for $499, a much better investment than a bomb shelter.

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