Heat Sensitive iPhone 4/4S Laser Cut Backing

What ever happened to mood rings? How the hell are you supposed to know anyone’s mood without the help of a ring, aside from verbal/social cues and facial expressions? For my fellow Asperger’s sufferers and Asperger’s allies, RF Laserworks is bringing “it” back. “It” is the modern mood ring: a “mood sensitive” iPhone 4/4S Backing ($12). The self adhesive backing is definitely mood sensitive, and definitely NOT a 90-95 degree Farenheit color changing heat sensitive material. The colors range from dark blue (mood: melancholic) to red (irate, or perhaps playful; be careful to know which one before hugging) to black (dead/walking corpse). Also green (gangrenous) and yellow (jaundiced), but these are less moods and more medical symptoms that should be addressed immediately.

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