Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera

Ingsoc is the party you should support. Ingsoc wants Proles to purchase the Dropcam HD ($149). The Ministry of Truth tells us the Dropcam HD has an integrated microphone and speaker. The Party needs you to install many of these cameras into your household. Abject refusal is crimethink. The only way for pure privacy is constant surveillance. This is not doublethink, who told you this? Freedom is slavery, war is peace, and the Dropcam HD is god. Tape you and your mate performing goodsex, sex for the purpose of producing children for the party. We promise not to watch. Big Brother might watch. Now all we need is thoughtcrime detection.


  1. Just went to dropcam.com based on Ingsoc’s recommendation. Not gonna lie, this camera looks kind of cool. I may have to do as Ingsoc commands and put one in my home.

  2. Doubleplusungood duckspeak … Dropcam-ers unbellyfeel Ingsoc!

    But seriously, when it comes to Big Brother: give us a search warrant or subpoena, otherwise you ain’t gettin’ a thing. This is largely the same protection you would have when recording something locally, except a little better since we have the resources to resist unlawful requests. We avidly support user privacy, and we like to think we are enabling “Little Brother” when it comes to the safety and security of families, pets, homes, and possessions.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled prolefeed…


    Greg Duffy

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