KEF Blade, Single Source Speaker

When we play music through our mass-market speakers, we get substandard, muddied sound. However, with KEF’s new KEF Blade, music performances are virtually indistinguishable from live performances. In order to do this, KEF’s Singe Apparent Source technology produces an entire frequency radiating from one point in space. The technology ensures that individual driver sections – for bass (LF), midrange (MF) and treble (HF) – of a multi-way loudspeaker work together and produce sound-fields that appear to come from the same point and place. The four 9” bass drivers are physically arranged in such a way that it’s like listening to one voice, rather than a collection of sounds meshed together.

What good is high quality sound without an equally impressive outer design? Five foot high, polished glass-reinforced composite speakers house the technology inside. Currently available in standard gloss white and gloss black, more customized colors will be released in the future, including racing red, racing blue and orange sorbet. All this for only $29,999 a pair at selected dealers. Learn more in the video below.

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