Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe

Looking for that certain post-apocalyptic multi-tool to lodge into the head of a ravenous zombie or unruly Starbuck’s customer? The Mo-Tool ($50) has all the useful parts of a Swiss army knife and none of the garbage (like the toothpick, why is there a toothpick). The Mo-Tool’s main feature is the axe, and when you spin it around, guess what? Now it’s a hammer. Your One-Handed Weapon skill will increase substantially with all that axing and bludgeoning you’ll be doing. Plus it has a wrench for wrenching, a knife for knifing, a SERRATED knife for the old serrating/knifing combo, and also a saw, screwdrivers, can opener, pliers, lightsaber, wire cutter, and file. Seriously, can this apocalypse happen soon?

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