Infierno 103 Grill

Looking for a goddamn grill to cook your goddamn food? The Infierno 103 ain’t a goddamn grill, it’s a goddamn food heating space station. It’ll cook your goddamn food with its goddamn wood burner. It even has a goddamn brick hearth for your goddamn pots and irons and even goddamn flatbread baking. It can stand freely, goddamn it, or you can build the Infierno into your goddamn home like a goddamn iron chef. The entire goddamn thing is lined with these goddamn fire bricks, which are goddamn replaceable if you’re goddamn OCD or some goddamn thing. Check out the first goddamn Infierno at Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at goddamn Stone Barns, if you’re so goddamn inclined.

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