1512 Spirits: Signature Poitín

Brewing moonshine in the rusty upturned hubcap of a Ford Pinto is a tedious process. 1512 Spirits Signature Poitin bypasses any need to continue your sad alcohoperation (alcohol operation). This 104 proof Irish spirit is crafted by third generation Sicilian distiller and barber(?) Salvatore Cimino in his 700 square foot basement. If THAT doesn’t hook you, know that he makes this stuff using the finest potatoes and a secret family recipe (hint: it contains zero leprechaun blood). Note: poitin is pronounced pot-cheen, or just potion, or even lotion. Who cares! It’s booze, stop worrying about the name and drink it, freshman.

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  1. Irish Poitín made by an Italian American in California according to a family recipe… I’m a wee bit skeptical.

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