Cryoscope: Discover Temperature Through Touch

Everyone loves touching things. Why not touch the Cryoscope? It wants you to touch it. Go on. TOUCH IT. The Cryoscope is a hunk of extremely touchable metal that changes temperature based on preloaded settings. You decide which climate you wish to touch-feel (your hometown, the Sahara, or even Branson, Missouri) and the Cryoscope will change to that exact temperature. Then you may touch. Crowdfund this touch based touch-mometer to receive a piece of bronze slag vaguely resembling a Brontosaurus. Or, with a pledge of $300, you can receive your very own aluminum Cryoscope ($400 for bronze, $4500 for silver, and $80000 to watch Cryoscope’s founder fight a legion of homeless men). Let the wild touching commence.

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