CP Lounge Chair: The Return of Charles Pollock

Charles Pollock created the 1963 Pollock Executive for Knoll, one of the most popular office chairs of all time. If it wasn’t for him, the cast of Mad Men would be sitting on stacks of phone books, and that would make Christina Hendrick’s life-changing cleavage that much harder to scope, so how about you fork over a little bit of praise for this 82-year-old pioneer? After years of staying away from furniture design, Pollock is back with the CP Lounge Chair, a low-slung, aerodynamic number that features hand-sewn leather panels on a polished stainless steel frame. Take a seat on this and you may never get up off your keester, duff, or other similarly safe-sounding synonyms for ass again.

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  1. Interested in the CP Lounge Chair. Where and how can I purchase? Price

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