Man Candles

If machismo has kept you from partaking in the majesty of scented candles all these years, we’re so sorry: you’ve missed out on having your garage smell like “Pineapple Vanilla Cupcake.” But Yankee Candle has finally come around to catering to your type with a new series of Man Candles. Choose from “Riding Mower,” “2×4,” “First Down,” and oh boy, “Man Town.” Ya know I spent a night in Man Town back in ’89… best night of my life… smelled great.

ManCans Candles

Stop the presses! We recently highlighted some candles aimed at the hairier sex, but it appears someone may have beaten Yankee Candle to the punch; and that someone just hit puberty. ManCans ($9.50) are actually made by a teenage boy in Ohio. Hart Main has been using recycled soup cans for more than a year now to offer up such scents as Fresh Cut Grass, Bacon, New Mitt, and Grandpa’s Pipe. I suppose if you burned all of them at once it’d smell like a backyard game of catch with gramps while he was chewing bacon and smoking a pipe. That man was amazing.

Stinky Scented Candles Fill Your Home With Gasoline, Bacon, Among Other Smells

When that special lady visits for the first time, set the right mood. Let the sweet scent of gasoline permeate the air. If gasoline doesn’t get that girl’s motor revvin’ (pun intended), Stinky Candles ($7) offers many other aromas to entice. Choose from tens (not tons) of flavors: fresh cut grass, body odor, exhaust (not to be confused with an engine oil scent). They’re all here. Light the money-scented candle and watch her sniff the familiar smell. “Is that..dollar bills I smell?” she’ll ask. “Why yes it is. Freshly minted.” Bow chikka wah wah.

Shmaltz Brewing HE’BREW Holiday Gift Pack

Looking for unique gift ideas? Shmaltz Brewing Company is now offering a limited edition HE’BREW Holiday Gift Pack that includes 8 different 12 oz bottles of beer: Genesis Ale, Messiah Bold, Origin, Jewbelation 15, Reunion Ale ‘11, Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA, Hop Manna, and a bonus bottle of Jewbelation, which is a vintage selection from Jewbelations 8 – 14. Give the gift pack as a single gift or give a beer a night for eight crazy nights! The pack will be available in more than 25 states through 30 wholesalers and at specialty retail stores Beverages & More, Whole Foods, Total Wine, select Krogers and Cost Plus. Finally, to kick the Chanukah celebration up a notch, the gift pack also includes a custom HE’BREW glass, Chanukah candles, and details on How To Build Your Own Beer Menorah. Now that’s one party I don’t wanna miss!