Best Made x Hudson Bay Axe

You’ll be a regular Paul Bunyan with the Hudson Bay Axe from New York’s Best Made, priced at $135. Its portable, versatile, and razor sharp and weighs just 3 lbs. The head is made of high carbon US steel while the helve is made of Appalachian hickory. This one offers greater control, which means improved safety, with its longer than most handle, and it combines the power of a larger axe with the refinement of a smaller one. Just do yourself and everyone else a favor when you’re chopping away, leave the flannel shirt and suspenders at home.

AKG Noise Canceling Headphones

Can you stay later at work? Did you pick up the dry cleaning? Why did you let our son wear socks in the bathtub? So many annoying questions, so few ways to tune them out. With the AKG Noise Canceling Headphones, you can mute the world while you get listen to high-quality, crisp audio. Both the K 495 NC and K 490 NC (priced at $350 and $250 respectively) have built-in rechargeable batteries that charge by USB, and both feature brushed-metal parts, leather earcups, an adjustable leather headband, a carrying case, two audio cables, and a flight adapter. The idea is tune out the world, but it’s nice to know you have the option of making cell phone calls with AKG’s in-line remote with a built-in microphone. Both models will be available later this month.

David Beckham x H&M

You may not be able to bend it like Beckham, but now you can get his undies. Well, not his actual underwear, but rather his new line of briefs at H&M. Beckham recently revealed his new bodywear collection with H&M that features nine products, all reflecting his style.  From short-sleeve t-shirts to pajama pants and long johns, all reasonably priced, by the way, the collection comes in white, black, and gray. His line will be available worldwide in 1,800 stores starting February 2nd.

Absolut Gräpevine

When does a party become a party? When beer pong commences? When someone loses an eye during the darts game? When it gets hot in herr and people take off all their clothes? Perhaps that was the case back in the day. But now, a party isn’t a party until someone brings the flavored Absolut vodka. Absolut has a tendency to introduce limited edition flavors turned permanent shelf fixtures, and their 15th variety flavor, Gräpevine, is no exception. You got a glimpse of this now permanent limited edition flavor a while back that combines the natural flavors of grape, dragonfruit & papaya. This versatile mixing ingredient will launch in the US first, then globally in select markets.

Rocksmith x Wu-Tang Skate Decks

Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! Remember that from back in the day? Well Wu-Tang is on the rise and on a skateboard near you. Introducing the Wu-Tang Limited brand skateboard, which is the brain child of clan members RZA, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, and the rest of the crew. Together they saw some parallels between the evolution of skateboarding and hip-hop and thought, why not combine the two? Each board is produced in New York by Chapman Skateboards and will be available in the upcoming weeks. And much like Wu-Tang’s in your face beats and lyrics, the skateboard proudly sports the name WU-TANG large enough to be seen from miles away.

Swatch Touch

They’re fun, functional, and often the hot topic of conversation. No, I’m not talking about your roommates blow-up doll. I’m talking about the new Swatch Touch watch. They’re artistic, colorful and much like Lulu the doll, they are made of plastic in true Swatch fashion. The Swatch Touch features a tap-n-swipe touchscreen that gives users access to functions like date, alarm, timer/chronograph, and dual time zone. Part of the Swatch Originals collection, the Touch will look great on your arm, much like Lulu.

iPhone Leather Back by Sled

The iPhone’s pretty classy, but now there’s a way to make it even classier. Upgrade your iPhone back cover with custom leather backs from from Sled. Currently, they offer 3 product lines: the Pack, Runner or Runner-Custom ($89 – $109). All are made with fine cowhide leather and birch wood. To add even more warmth and charm to your new iPhone cover, Sled also offers customization options with initial, logo or artwork stamping. Each back is precision-made and installation is just two screws away. Yet another way to stand out from the crowd.

Vorsteiner VMS-F10 5 Series

The name is a mouthful, but then again, so is the name Sofia Margarita Vergara (as are her “assets”), and she’s most likely in your top 10 list. The new Vorsteiner VMS-F10 5 Series, long name and all, has released its full tuning kit and program for the F10 5-series, known as the VMS-F10. The Vorsteiner VMS carbon package includes an add-on front spoiler, a deck lid spoiler element, a rear diffuser, and a sports exhaust system that features Dyno Tested Peformance Gains of 12HP and 2lb/ft Torque, factory bolt-on fitment with no modifications needed, and a Sporty Formula 1 tone with deeper tone, all riding on a set of 20 and 21-inch forged wheels. Quite the package for quite a mouthful.