Solid Gold iPhone 5s: Can You See Me Now?

How does one stand out in a sea of similar S4s and identical iPhones? You go for the gold. Goldgenie’s solid gold iPhone 5s ($3,289) is made from pure 24-karat gold and that will definitely get Siri jealous, so watch out for that. You can also choose from platinum or rose gold, and each phone is unlocked and comes in an elegant box Cherry Oak finish box. It’s not the absolute greatest use of solid gold we’ve ever seen, but it’s damn close.

No Bar Fights Bar Coasters: That Means You, Ghost Of Patrick Swayze

It’s a good thing these coasters weren’t used as props on the set of Road House with Patrick Swayze, ‘cuz that’d have meant more emphasis on the dialogue. Of course the No Bar Fights beer coasters ($25) rely on your patrons knowing how to read and being easily influenced by coaster slogans, but we fully support this message from the folks at Tanner Goods. Now if they ever make a set of No Dirty Dancing coasters, well, then we might have to rumble.

James Dean Ultimate Collector’s Edition: A Lesson In Cool

James Dean may have died almost 60 years ago, but he’s still one of those rare guys who, even if you’ve never seen him or have an idea of what he looked like, you know he was cool. Find out what all the fuss is/was about with this new 7-disc Blu-ray box set ($72) of his most memorable films, Rebel Without a Cause, East of Eden, and Giant. This deluxe package includes three feature-length documentaries, as well as a host of goodies including an illustrated hardcover book.

Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0: The 1st Complete Wearable?

Whether it’s the Pebble, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Qualcomm Toq, or any other number of new smartwatches, it seems each one always has (at least) one chink in its armor. But here comes this little Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0 ($249), and it appears to have just about every box checked. First off, the thing is actually a phone. Yes, you can make and receive calls on it. There’s a 720p camera on the side for photos and video, it’s got Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there’s a slot for a SIM card slot, and wait… hold on… yes… we canfrim this… it has PONG! Or at least a Pong screensaver. Either way, when you have cutting edge 21st tech on your wrist and Pong, you’re doing something really right.

GrOpener: One-Hand Job, Coming Up!

Up until now, one-handing your beer bottle to pry it open seemed like a fool’s task. Now, it’s a different world. The GrOpener (short for GrabOpener) comes from the brilliant mind of inventor Mark Manger out of Denver, CO. Mark saw the stick & screw openers while bartending in Africa in the ’90s, and a similar leverage principle is in effect here, only it’s now all in one sweet beautiful motion. Just grab the bottle with a little bit of force and physics does the rest. Besides being great for people who have a hand full of chicken wings, it’s also a godsend for amputees, stroke victims and others who may only have full use of one hand.

Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler: Long Lasting, Lovable

The concept of having a cold beer in your hand for 24 hours probably shakes your cerebellum to the core, but that’s what the Hydro Flask ($50) promises. The world’s first vacuum-insulated beer growler uses double wall vacuum insulation to keep cold liquids cold for a day and even spiked hot cocoa stays hot for 12 hours. Regular hot cocoa also stays hot for 12 hours– no alcohol bias here. 64 ounces of liquid refreshment fit inside, and the insulation also means the growler will never sweat or perspire; excellent for job interviews.

Victoria Arduino Theresia Espresso Coffee Machine: Don’t Put Sanka In Here

Ready to treat your coffee like a work of art? Or at least better than you treat your parents at Christmas? Step up to the Theresia from Victoria Arduino. Named in honor of Pier Teresio Arduino, founder of the Victoria Arduino brand, this $6,800 beauty wows you from the first look to the first taste. The Theresia is made of Supermirror stainless steel and features the T3 (three-dimensional temperature) system letting you pinpoint your accuracy with three different parameters of temperature: steam, water infusion and the delivery unit.

Bacons of the World: The Best Way To Find 5 Lbs Of Meat At Your Door

Finding 5 lbs of meat at your doorstep can be anywhere from scary (human head) to really scary (a newborn baby) to unbelievably scary (newborn baby holding a human head). But it can also be amazing, like with Bacons of the World from the Belcampo Meat Company. Once every few months they’ll deliver 5 pounds of tasty bacon to your door from their organic, pastured Ossabaw-Berkshire pigs. Each delivery comes with the American bacon that you know and love, as well as something from abroad, like Guanciale (Italian bacon), English bacon, or Pancetta.