Peek Inside Google’s Amsterdam Offices

We’ll refrain from making any drug references. Suffice to say, working inside the search engine’s Amsterdam offices looks like quite the treat.

You’ll be greeted by the European-ized Google sign. Where’s the ‘do no evil’ slogan?


Check in at the front desk which features a really long bicycle.

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All Those Avicii Songs On The Radio Paid Off Well For Him

Better pack away that computer science degree and break out the turntables. Because DJ’ing pays way too well. Avicii recently bought this $16m ‘home’ in Hollywood Hills. Home doesn’t even start to describe this place.

DJ Avicii Hollywood Hills Home on 1474 Blue Jay Way-0016

It’s right around 7,007 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and having panoramic views of downtown LA to Santa Monica, all the way out to Catalina Island and beyond. An awesome structure of glass, concrete and steel.

DJ Avicii Hollywood Hills Home on 1474 Blue Jay Way-0013

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Treehouse Hotels In South Africa Let You Sleep In The Wild

Staying at the Best Western and seeing the sights when traveling. So generic, so meh. If you can make it to South Africa, now that’d be an adventure. Even better, sleeping in a treehouse with lions, hippos and giraffes. The Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa offers just these accommodations. They also have private lodges for the less adventurous.

Sure, they have amenities such as a spa, fine dining and swimming pools. Skip those and head to the treehouses. These let you sleep out in nature with minimal modern conveniences. That means no electricity and the chance to wake up to a giraffe staring at you. That’s gotta be better than sleeping in some cigarette-smelling room on a who-knows-what’s-been-done-on-this comforter.

Stare Down at The Common Folk In New York’s Tallest Residential Building

Check out renderings of what will become New York’s tallest residential building, 432 Park. First thing: price. Why ask. You’ll never have enough. One penthouse just sold for $95m, the other is priced at $85m right now.

Expected to be completed in 2015, the building will rise close to 1,400 feet in the air, or about 140 stories. Imagine THAT elevator ride.

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A New Tourist Site In The French Alps Might Make You Faint

Walking in the clouds sounds better than sleeping with the fishes. The new Aiguille du Midi Skywalk installation in the French Alps lets you do just that. A twenty minute cable ride takes you to a box with five glass walls. Look down to 3300 feet of pure nothingness. Contemplate why you do such stupid things. And give extra pay to the janitor who has to clean the puddles of urine in this box every day.

Source: NY Daily News

Poland’s Renovated Hotel Tobaco by EC-5: Smokin’

What do you with a former cigarette factory? Most people might say burn it to the ground, or film a lot of those scary Truth commercials there. But nope, Polish design and architecture studio EC-5 has turned convention on its head and created Hotel Tobaco in Łódź, Poland’s third largest city. And EC-5 didn’t try to run from the building’s past, either. There’s plenty of the old stuff left intact, including exposed wiring and this splotchy concrete and brick wall behind the front desk. Elsewhere there’s gigantic room numbers painted on the doors, and lots of bright splashes of blue, violet and green.