Giant Sushi Suitcase Covers

If they made four foot long sushi, would you eat it? Of course you would. Alas, they don’t make four foot long sushi. They do make suitcase covers that look like sushi though. Parco, a department store out of Japan, came up with these huge covers resembling tuna and salmon nigiri, among other styles. You’ll never lose your bags again. Now…where to find four foot long sushi


Outlier Doublebag: Cancels Out The Sniff Test

Taking a big whiff of those boxers in your suitcase — unsure of whether they’re clean or dirty — can often lead to severe nasal pain. Outlier’s Doublebag ($48) eliminates the need for your nose’s detective work with its double-walled design, letting you store your clean clothes on one side and the dirty garments on the other. The Doublebag expands as needed and also acts as a laundry bag, pillow, and pretend human body to throw in your trunk or bury in the yard with a rusty, ketchup-stained shovel.

Killspencer Burgundy Italian Oil Suede Collection: Stay Classy

Killspencer’s new Burgundy Italian Oil Suede collection ($59-$675) may not have much to do with Ron Burgundy, but it looks like both are all about staying classy. The collection of duffel bags, backpacks, accessory pouches, and iPad cases do so without any scotchy scotch, though, instead opting for that cool red wine color.

Globe-Trotter Jet Leather Series: Mad Men Your Way Through The Day

While drinking like Don Draper on the job is generally frowned upon these days, there’s still one way you can Mad Menitize your daily grind. Globe-Trotter’s new Jet Leather Series harkens back to the days of yore with a collection of bags and accessories inspired by the “jet age of travel, from the 1930s to the modern day.” Even if you can’t kick back multiple highballs at your desk, you can at least smuggle in the bottle in a classy, handmade, Windsor grain leather briefcase; then, take your chances.

Globe-Trotter x MR PORTER 2013 Capsule Collection: Airport Sophistication

Even if you only own one suit (and um, OK, it’s actually for cosplay), you can still fool all the pretty girls at the airport if you pack your Underoos inside a bag from the Globe-Trotter x MR PORTER 2013 Capsule Collection. The company’s reputation for classy luggage (which nowdays comes with the best TSA approved luggage locks) goes back to 1897, and the Hertfordshire, England-based manufacturer has always been known for delivering top-notch stuff.

Sword & Plough: Repurposing For A Purpose

Sword & Plough is the cool company name here, and it’s based on the old saying “to turn swords into plough shares”; it basically means taking military technologies and materials and applying them to peaceful civilian applications. So knowing that, it makes sense that these bags and iPhone cases are made from recycled military surplus materials, and that the team behind the gear is made up of military veterans. Each product is made in the USA, and as they say about their materials, “If it doesn’t have a cool story, we won’t use it.” We salute you.

6-Bottle Bike Bag: Wheelie Your Way To The Party

Sometimes a neighbor down the street throws a party, and you don’t need to drive there but you do need to bring some brews. Now you can hop on your Huffy and carry the beer with the 6-Bottle Bike Bag ($54). This sturdy, waterproof satchel holds up to six standard size 500ml bottles so you can focus on those baseball cards in your spokes and not the precious cargo that’s safely accompanying you on your brief journey.

Niko Camera Bag: Leave No Gear Behind

In the military it’s “Leave no man behind.” In the world of photography it’s “Eh, I don’t plan on leaving any man behind, but come on, if there’s like an earthquake or something, I gotta get the shot first, right?” OK, so it’s possible no photographer has ever said that exactly, but the point is a shooter’s gear is usually more important than their friend. So the Niko camera bag ($180) is a godsend with its sturdy waterproof build, plethora of pockets, laptop sleeve, and top loading compartment for instant access. There’s plenty of room for lenses, flashes, and more. What there isn’t room for is a wisecracking sidekick.