Use the Fork, Luke. The Star Wars Lightsaber Barbecue Fork

Soon, Star Wars will arrive. What’s the over/under on people sleeping outside waiting for the premiere? We guess 7 days. While in line, they can set up a grill, cook some weenies and put this Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ Fork ($25) to good use. Stab them weenies with it and serve them to a friend up to 20″ away (the length of the lightsaber). They’ve made this officially-licensed product out of stainless steel, so it can also double as protection from line cutters.

Robot Smart Grill

Imagine a world with perfectly cooked backyard BBQ meat. A universe where everything is just…perfect. No charred steaks, no thinking, no mistakes, no glitches. That’s the utopia we’ll have one day with the integration of computers into our lives. Take the Lynx Smart Grill. It hooks up to your Wi-Fi network and instantly accesses recipes and cook times. Tell it what you’re cooking and it’ll automatically heat the grill and instruct where to place the meats. During the cooking process, it alerts you when and how to cook the meat through a series of audio and visual alerts. All you have to do is react whenever you hear the series of pings. No. Thinking. Involved. Automaton boy.

SolSource: Solar-powered Grill

Wanna make a bold entrance at the next BBQ? When the pseudo know-it-alls are debating the virtues of charcoal vs. gas, jump into the fray and proclaim that burgers taste best when broiled by the sun! Then point them towards SolSource ($249), a solar-powered grill that cooks your grub with the wholesome magic of sunrays. Designed and tested with nomads on the Himalayan Plateau(!), SolSource requires no fuel, heats up quick, and produces no emissions.

BBQ Dragon: Get That O2 ASAP

Much safer than an actual dragon, the BBQ Dragon ($40) resists the overly macho urge to blow flames and instead blows a steady stream of low-velocity cool air that magically starts your charcoal fire faster than a chimney and without any lighter fluid. The fire gets the oxygen in a hurry so it can burn hotter and quicker, which means you don’t have to wait one minute longer than necessary for your precious charred animal flesh. We hear version 2 of the Dragon will talk like Sean Connery.

Handrail BBQ Grill: Score One For City Livin’

Top 3 Reasons Country Livin’ Beats City Livin’

1) Running over something and killing it is legal in the country.
2) Sister shmister! I love her and that’s all that matters!
3) You can’t grill in an apartm–WHOA! Hold on!  The Bruce Handrail Grill ($77) by designer Henrick Drecker makes this a much closer race now, as this slick invention combines the function of a small grill with the principle of a flower pot. Just toss those plants over the side and hang this meat-toaster on the handrail instead.

Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood: Smoke The Flavor Into Its Meat Cave

Little known presidential fact: When President George W. Bush told the military to smoke Al Qaeda out of their caves in 2001, he also suggested they use mirrors, but time constraints forced him to cut that portion of the speech out. Instead of smoking things out, the home grill master looks to smoke things in–like flavor. This Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood ($14) delivers taste in abundance to whatever you’re cooking, as they’re the same blocks used to smoke the company’s salt, sugar, and spices.

Grillbots: A.I. Meets BBQ

It appears that we’re safe (for now) from killer robots, so we might as well make them do some stuff for us. First on the priority list: cleaning that dang grill! Seriously, we’ve been known to go a whole summer without wiping it down, and trying to scrape fossilized fat off your grid in May is harder than finding something of value in Jerry Springer’s “Final Thought.” Inventor Ethan Woods has mercifully given us Grillbots ($69.95-$99.95), robots that will clean the funk and gunk from your grill without you having to move a muscle. Replaceable brushes take their time in removing the grime from both gas and charcoal varieties. Clearly this is a step up from R2-D2.

Grand Hall X-Series Infrared Grills

OK, so your neighbor just pulled up with a new Porsche 911 Carrera, and while you can’t afford such a car, you need to answer his move. Hey, get a Porsche of your own! Specifically, the Grand Hall X-Series Infrared Grill (starting at $8,600). Made in conjunction with Porsche (yes, the Porsche), this grill boasts programmable LCD infrared burners, a built-in rotisserie, rechargeable batteries, and a counterbalanced hood. He may not immediately be jealous when you tell him the news, but when the odoriferous essence of those baby backs waft over into his yard, expect him to start talking trade.