Sigma Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens

Get that career started as a paparazzi with the new Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 APO EX DG Ultra-Telephoto zoom lens ($26,000). Is Emma Stone too far away on her balcony to be photographed? Not anymore. Carrying this around in LA might take some getting used to, but you’ll never miss a shot again.

Nova iPhone Wireless Flash

Bad lighting can ruin even the best Instagram photos. Now, Nova ($60) helps you out with a wireless camera flash. The wireless flash beams 40 LEDs to wash your scenes of revelry in soft, natural light. You thought your photos were amazing before? Think again. No really…think again. Done? Ok.

Limited Edition Leica M Edition 100 Set

One hundred is the magical number for life expectancy. It marks a definitive point in people’s lives. Same with companies. So when Leica turned 100 this year, they decided to celebrate with the limited edition Leica M 100 models. They’ve put together the digital Leica M (Leica M Monochrom) along with the Leica M-A rangefinder camera in one set. The body includes stainless steel for the first time ever. The set also includes three Leica Summilux-M lenses. Get them at Leica Stores and Boutiques.

Lytro Illum

Lytro brings a new, higher-end camera to the market, the Lytro Illum ($1500). It’s an extension of the previous Lytro. These cameras use the power of light field to allow the user to change focal points, dimensions and perspectives after the shot. Great for those horrible photographers among us. The Illum comes with a 4″ touchscreen and 8x zoom. Preorder now for shipment in July and never worry about crappy pictures again.

Polaroid Socialmatic: Great for Party Pics

It’s amazing how quickly technology becomes obsolete. Point-and-shoot cameras were prevalent five years ago. Now, production falls 50% per year. No one can deny smartphones are the de facto camera these days. Polaroid, though, won’t go down without a fight.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed if you’ve never had a photoshoot at your birthday party before. Know that it is not just for celebrities or famous people. Your birthday is a special occasion, and this important enough to book a professional photo session and feel like a star, get more tips form the social event planner in DC. At Localgrapher, our photographers know how important this break is for you and how they can make it unique by preserving ever-lasting memories.

They’ve introduced the Polaroid Socialmatic ($299), an Android camera with built-in printer. Pictures can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest through its on-board wifi. The built-in printer lets users print little 2×3 photos. What’s a bit odd is that the photos have a QR code in the front corner. Users can scan the code, retrieve the digital print online and reprint it.

The Socialmatic can be a fun party toy though widespread adoption, obviously, appears unlikely.  Nevertheless, it has its place. Just like the History Channel has its place. Someone’s watching that channel.

Go Undercover With These Tiny Dice-Like Cameras

Let’s pretend you’re some embedded FBI-type agent. But I’m really an accountant you say. Not for the next paragraph you’re not. How do you capture that mastermind criminal secretly loading his illicit shipment of goods? Not by waltzing into that warehouse holding an iPhone. Toss a few of these mini Polaroid C3 cameras ($99) on the ground and record that villain in HD video at a full 1280 x 720 resolution. If that evil genius swims, know the C3 is waterproof. The expandable micro SD slot holds up to 32 GB, in addition to the 2MB onboard storage. That’s enough recording time to get all the evidence you need.

Put in a purchase requisition for these and sell the benefits of high-def images and video in a tiny package, ensuring your cover won’t be blown. You’re a freakin’ accountant, the purchasing department will say. Your reply? Not for this mission I’m not.

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera: Ruggedly Round

Technology’s something, ain’t it? One day you’ve never even heard of a 360-degree camera, the next there’s a thriving market for them. After we checked out the Bublcam yesterday, there’s now some stiff competition from the Panono ($600). The price is $150 more, but there are some reasons why, including 72 megapixel pictures and a design that promises ruggedness for those ‘Whoopsie!’ moments. You throw it in the air, and when the ball is at its highest point and barely moving,  36 tiny cameras fire all at once. Viewing the pic is as easy as moving your phone or tablet in the direction you want to see. It should probably also be noted that, if you’re a subpar typist, it’d be very easy to spell ‘Panono’ as ‘Panini,’ the flat sandwich that rarely has cameras inside it.

Bublcam 360º Camera: The New 360

Xbox may be phasing out the 360 name, but here’s an object that’s all about the full circle. The bublcam ($450 CAD)  is the world’s most innovative 360º camera, able to capture 14 mega pixel spherical photos and videos at 1080p at 15 fps and 720p at 30fps from all around you. Couple the ability to look anywhere with Wi-fi and you get a pretty great security camera option too. And we gotta imagine there will be much fewer red rings of death with this 360.