Nikon Df DSLR: Ready-For-Prime-Time Retro

Nikon’s Df ($2,750) looks like it could’ve been Peter Parker’s dad’s camera, but no, it’s brand new and it shoots like a modern day  marvel (lower case). With a full-frame sensor, 3.2-inch, 921k-dot LCD, and the ability to match up with a wide variety of lenses (even going back as far as 1959), your 16.2-megapixel shots will arrive with more retro style than the Brooklyn Dodgers brought to LA.

Sony A7: Fresh Full-Frame Fun

Like a mama seal watching her pup balance its first ball on its nose, Sony is proudly introducing its A7 and A7R cameras, calling them “the world’s smallest full-frame interchangeable lens models.” Weighing just a pound or so each, it’s quite impressive that the A7 (body only $1,700) and A7R bring full-frame sensors to the table, and thus much better low light performance than smaller sensor cameras. It’s the breakthrough equivalent of the aforementioned seal growing legs, then flipper-dribbling that ball between those shiny wet gams.

Leica M Camera by Jony Ive: Apple Designer’s Shooter Is Auction-Ready

Chief Apple designer Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson have conspired to concoct this beauty of an aluminum full-frame camera based on Leica’s M model. To be sold at a charity auction next month, the limited edition Leica features a 50mm f/2 lens and a “laser machined aluminum body and anodized aluminum outer shell.” Proceeds will go towards the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

GoPro Hero3+: Take Sharper Videos Of You Doing Crazy S**t

GoPro knows you”re not content to simply wear their rough and rugged HD cameras while jet skiing or bungee jumping; no, you wanna jet ski as you bungee jump. But to do that you’re gonna need an even more GoPro-ier camera. The new Hero3+ ($329) is up to the task, coming in 20% smaller than its predecessor and with a new lens that GoPro says will result in 33% sharper videos. The battery is also expected to last 30% longer, and that’ll come in handy if it’s a really long bungee cord.

edgertronic High Speed Camera: Now You Can Watch Hummingbirds Do It

Hummingbird sex is perhaps the most beautiful sight in the world. We say “perhaps” because, well, no one has actually ever seen those speedy little creatures get freaky. But let’s face it, we all want to. Bad. Now, thanks to the edgertronic ($4,495) super high-speed video camera, that dream is about to become a reality. With its innards of a specialized CMOS image sensor, ultra high-speed electronics, memory, and image processing electronics, the edgertronic promises to shoot Hollywood-style slo-mo video at very high resolutions. Whether it’s the seams on a 88-mph fastball or a hummingbird’s erect junk, amazing high-speed video just got one step closer to your home. Hallelujah.

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theQ camera: Leave The Phone At Home

Sometimes you don’t really need your phone, but you do want some photo-capturing action; like say, at the beach or your neighbor’s pool while they’re on vacation. theQ camera ($199) simplifies things real nice like with a waterproof body and 3G built-in to let you immediately show off your splashy-washy antics on social media. A ring flash/self timer also acts as a battery life indicator, and there’s even manual focus let you to get creative with your 5-megapixel shots. Question is: Can you leave your phone at home?

Nikon AW1: Underwater Bikini Photos Begin…Now!

Why don’t we see more gusty pervs going underwater at the public pool to snap photos of strange women in their bikinis? Two words: Image quality. Well good news, gents: The Nikon AW1 ($800) is about to change all that.  The AW1 is a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera that’s not only waterproof up to 49 feet, it’s also shockproof and freezeproof in case the babes are doing that polar plunge deal. Based on Nikon’s J1, the AW1 features a custom white balance that compensates for the issues with water shots, as well as scuba and close-up modes. The CX-format sensor delivers 14.1 megapixels stills, and that’s plenty good enough to get busted in the deep end for, right?

Fuji Instax Mini 90: Physical Media Made Fun

In many ways the hands-on experience is fading fast from our everyday digital lives; and it’s nearly gone completely from the world of photography. But the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 keeps hope alive with its instant film gratification. Featuring a funky retro design, the Mini 90 also offers some 21st century perks like a macro focus mode, double exposures, and more. It’s expected go for around $200 next spring.