Brogamats: Yoga Mats for Manly Men

Guys love yoga too, but what guy wants to do the downward dog on some frou-frou yoga mat. They need manly mats with pictures of arrows and bows and outdoor sh*t. And now they have that. Brogamats ($35 – 69). Yoga mats made for the man who likes to stay limber, but wants a reminder that he still has a set of balls. Choose from a quiver of arrows design and numerous yoga bags such as a lumberjack yoga bag or a burrito yoga bag. Mmm…burrrrito.

Zombie Bells: Ugly Iron Makes Your Arms Pretty

Making ugly faces, eye-bulging, lip-biting, neck vein-throbbing ugly faces, is the sign of a good strong workout. But as ugly as those faces are, they can’t compare to the rough mugs on these Zombie Bells ($43 for the 18 pounder). Hand sculpted from real human skull dimensions, these iron weights are perfectly balanced and ideally proportioned for all sorts of swings and lifts. Or just achieve the ultimate in irony by smashing a zombie’s face with a zombie’s face.

STRONG LIKE BULL Magnets: An Incentive To Re-Rack Your Weights

Re-racking your weights: It’s the elephant in the room, or in this case the gym. Sure you’re supposed to put your weights back, but you know… ehhh. That all changes with STRONG LIKE BULL magnets, though, as these things have a direct contact pull strength of more than 25 lbs. So yeah, you can totally cause a ridiculous scene and strip the weights off the bar with these things. $24 gets you two.

These are Neodimium Iron Boron disc magnets — the strongest type — so you might wanna prepare your refrigerator magnets for an extreme case of envy–and yourself for some stares at the gym. Don’t forget to get smart bmi scale to keep track of your progress.

Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

The same way you need a rope with speed when strangling that homicidal maniac, you also need a jump rope to be equally zippy. The Rogue SR-1 ($22) features a six-inch rotating handle for your mitts to lock into, along with a bearing system that facilitates top-end revolutions and a coated cable that adds even more speed and durability to your routine. Some experts say skipping rope is the best pure workout you can get. If so, we’d say choking out a psycho killer runs a close second.

Nike+ Sport Watch GPS

Track your time, distance, pace, heart rate, and the number of calories you burn during your workout, and look good doing it. Whether you work up a sweat in the gym or you spend your time gawking at the Zumba instructor, this Nike+ Sport Watch GPS offers both style and functionality. The built-in GPS, powered by TomTom, delivers accuracy indoors and outdoors. Stay motivated in style with this innovative watch that stores your run history and records your personal records. Watch comes with owner’s manual , backlit display, and PC connectivity for convenient access to your computer.

Motorola’s MotoACTV

Let’s say you run. How do you keep track of your progress? Your clunky 4.5″ smartphone that bangs around in your pocket. That iPod strapped to your arm. Maybe it’s the Nike+, the one with the sensor on your shoe beaming signals to the…iPod strapped to your arm. Come November 6th, Motorola brings convenience to the exercise junkie with the MotoACTV.

Strap on the MotoACTV to your wrist and capture your activity with the integrated GPS. Measure your success, record your runs and even monitor your heart rate with the separate in-ear heart rate monitor. All this housed in one tiny, Nano sized device built for exercise. That means splashproof and scratchproof Gorilla Glass as used on Motorola’s Droid RAZR.

Beyond just recording your fitness, the MotoACTV creates custom playlists based on your fitness patterns and history. That means music tailored to those days you might sprint, jog or need a little extra oomph. All customized on your past activity, and not created beforehand. After your workout, sync the MotoACTV to the MotoACTV portal and check out the requisite graphs and analysis. Battery life is adequate at 10 hours indoors and 5 hour outdoors, when GPS is used.

Choose from 8GB ($250) and 16GB ($300) models. Open the wallet a little more for the $100 heart heart rate monitor, though that can be used with any Moto phone. While the 8GB and 16GB MotoACTV models run twice the price of the respectively sized Nanos, the Nano’s capabilities in the gym are likely an afterthought to its buyers. For exercise junkies, the MotoACTV will be a dedicated device for their training.