Mega Hammock, Mega Fun

A pleasure shared is a pleasured doubled. Install this hammock and watch your pleasure 3. Nevertheless, imagine swinging lazily on this Mega Hammock designed by Hummingbird Hammocks. They’ve handmade these hammocks from nylon and an FAA certified parachute rigger designed them, so you know they’ll withstand some weight. Choose from four colors, order one and make the most of the rest of the summer.

The Coolest Cooler Just Took Over Your Party

Summer might be close to over, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a cooler for the rest of the year. Especially a cooler as, ‘cool’, as this. Can we even call this a cooler? A blender, a speaker, a USB charger, cutting board, integrated storage for knives and plates, it combines every party necessity into one package. They call this: the Coolest Cooler. How fitting. Ryan Grepper designed this project, put it up on Kickstarter and it doesn’t appear to have any limits to its funding, having already broken through the $4m barrier. $185 gets you in on this bad boy.

Matador Pocket Blanket

Festival season has a few months left and that means hanging out on grassy fields, listening to some great music and doing a lot of people watching. Going to any festival means bringing along a nice blanket to put on the ground, but no one likes lugging around those unwieldy towels and blankets everywhere. Drop a couple of bills on the pocket-sized Matador Portable Blanket. This thing folds down to a deck of cards, leaving you plenty of space for carrying around beer.

All-in-One Camping Cutlery by Pro Idee

Campers need to keep gear down to the bare minimum. Cut cutlery (ah ha..pun!) down to a smaller size with this all-in-one fork, spoon and bottle opener set by Pro Idee.  It fits into a little oval nugget the size of your palm. It’s so tiny, once you put it in your pack, you’ll never find it again. I is amaze!

Inflatable Hot Tub Means There’s Always a Party

All summer parties need hot tubs. It just makes things more…interesting. Next time the pool party invite comes, make sure to bring alone the MSpa Inflatable Hot Tub ($656). The included electric pump means quick inflation. These come with touch button controls, variable speeds and jet streams and quick drainage. It looks like it fits 2 comfortably or 3 if everybody wants to get to know each other really well.

eCool: Store Your Beer Underground Like A Gopher

Ice cold beer. We all love it, but all that electricity we use keeping it cold. Why not let Mother Nature do the work for us? Some guys from Denmark invented the eCool ($300), a capsule that holds 24 cans of beer. You shove it deep into the ground until you decide to break open a cold one. While not ice cold, the eCool keeps beer cool enough. Buy multiple eCools and go around shoving them into your backyard as you prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Use this in tandem with the zombie apocalypse kit.

The Meriwether Tent

Camping season has arrived. That means crapping in the woods. But at least you can use the Meriwether Tent ($1250) to make yourself comfortable when you aren’t doing that. Haul this premium-quality tent out into the woods and enjoy maximum safety with its fire, mildew and flame resistant canvas. There’s ample sleeping room for four to six people, and a vinyl bottom for extra dry floors.

Owen & Fred Stainless Steel Flask

Alcohol. It’s awesome. End of story. But, how about paying $8 for it at the ballpark? Totally not awesome. That’s why people need flasks. And if people need flasks, let them get one with style. Like, the Kickass Flask ($99) by Owen & Fred. Stainless steel makes up the flask, and it holds 9 ounces of delicious liquor. That’s equivalent to 6 shots , or just about what it takes to get the party started. There’s a solid screw top to prevent leakage because no one wants leakage. No one.