Saddlebaby: A Child Carrier That Saves Your Shoulders And Back

You like lugging Junior or Junioress around on your shoulders. For a few minutes. When it looks like an afternoon of being treated like an elephant in Thailand though, time to opt for something better. And more comfortable. Behind door #2, it’s the Saddlebaby ($90).

Comfortable and safe for you and the kid. Kids get a padded saddle that rests on cushioned shoulders, i.e. your poor shoulders. Velcro straps their ankles in like NASA astronauts doing G-force tests. That leaves you hands-free to carry the diaper bag, phone and ice cream cones. Not an option (yet): reins.

Another option: piggyback rides.

Protect Your Stuff With The Decked Truck Bed Organizer

Fishing around for that one part you need wastes a lot of time. Think about driving around and everything in back shifting left and right. Not good for the truck, not good for your tools and stuff. Invest in the Decked Truck Bed Organizer ($1000). A three-year-in-the-making storage and organizer with pull-out drawers, partitions and water-tested for maximum durability and protection. Head over here to purchase.

Bacon Grill Rack

Every outdoor party needs a little bacon. It tastes great in hot dogs, hamburgers and just by itself. Make grilling bacon even easier with the Bacon Grill Rack ($20). Lay strips of bacon on top of the stainless steel rack. Grease wells on the bottom allow the bacon drippings to collect, making for healthier and crispier bacon, and also preventing those tiny little fires on the grill from the oil. If grilling bacon’s not enough for you, have you thought about waking up to it?

Beyonce Also Wants To Ride These Surfboards

Ride it with my surfbort, surfbort, surfbort. Perfect song for Beyonce to sing while balancing on this custom Mercedes-Benz surfboard. The German auto maker built them for pro surfer Garrett McNamara to battle the waves at Praia do Norte in Portugal. See that pic below? That’s Praia do Norte last week. And McNamara went to ride those. Balls. Of. Steel.

Praia do Norte in Portugal Merceds-Benz Surfboard 02

Praia do Norte in Portugal Merceds-Benz Surfboard 01

Not only does this board look great, it comes with a telemetry system to track important stats. Stats like how many phone numbers McNamara gets, and oh, that’s the most important stat probably. No details on mass production, but if you ask nicely, McNamara might let you rest a finger on it. But only one.

Images Source: The Inertia

The Easiest Way To Give Piggyback Rides To Your Child

Give any kid a bird’s-eye view (up to roughly 7 feet) with this Piggyback Rider ($85). What better way to show your eternal love than by letting your child treat you like a pack animal. There’s a wide stability bar at the bottom, allowing your 50-pound bundle of joy to stand up, scan the lands and order you around you like a conquering king. 

When you’re finished, the carrier rolls up into the size of a towel. Relax, get some rest and wait for the next expedition.

Kill Two Birds With One Spice Loaded Ammo Stone

Game birds were meant to be flavored with spices, not buckshot pellets. Instead, load up with the Season Shot, tightly packed seasoning encased inside a fully biodegradable shell.

Once this ammo hits, it breaks open into a burst of salty goodness, flavoring the bird from the inside out. The seasoning pellets melt away when cooked. Never break a tooth on a pellet again.

Sadly, the Season Shot hasn’t hit the market yet. Pass the time until then with these Flower Shells.

Now You Can Plant Flowers With A Shotgun

Remember those cartoons where a gun was fired and a flower would come out instead? Now, it’s a reality with the Flower Shell. The shots in these shotgun shells have been replaced with meadow flower seeds. Select from Poppy, Columbine, Cornflower, Daisy, Sunflower, Clematis, Lavender, Sweet Pea, Carnation or Peony seeds. A bunch of blasts from this and one day, you’ll have a prairie to run around in. Now, they just need guns that actually shoot out hearts and rainbows.

Rhino Skin Kevlar Backpack: Organ Saver

In many parts of the world, a simple hiking trip is a potentially dangerous proposition. Afghanistan, Syria, Detroit; you name it. That’s what makes this Rhino Skin Kevlar backpack such a worthwhile accessory. Created by Israeli designer Hila Raam, this guard-your-dome gear is Aramid, a bulletproof material used in military vests. It’s also vital for anyone who finds themselves hoofing it through a war zone. When the sh*t goes down, just engage the chest protector and put the protective hood on. Oh, and hit the dirt. Always hit the dirt. Especially here.