A Fancy Desktop Wood Slingshot For The Kid In You

You may have grown up, but you still love the same toys. Take the slingshot. You used to make one out of branches and a rubber band, now upgrade to the Desktop Wood Slingshot from RedEnvelope ($50). Get a classy, carved rubber and wood slingshot, durable enough to strike assailants or bug best friends. When not in use, display it in its walnut base. You can even personalize it. We suggest getting it engraved with “the only rubber I need”. If this looks too fancy for you, try this slingshot.

Fender Reclaimed Wood Guitars

Recycled riffs: bad. Recycled wood: good. The new Fender Reclaimed Wood guitar line takes Eastern Pine and Old Growth Redwood and shapes them into Telecasters and Stratocasters. The Eastern Pine comes from wood used to build a Michigan dairy barn in 1868. Meanwhile, the Old-Growth Redwood comes from wood used to build California road bridges in 1933. Quite amazing to imagine the history someone holds in their hands while they play these. Not sure what sound someone playing the Fender line of reclaimed wood guitars will get. What does the sound of saving the earth make?

All-in-One Camping Cutlery by Pro Idee

Campers need to keep gear down to the bare minimum. Cut cutlery (ah ha..pun!) down to a smaller size with this all-in-one fork, spoon and bottle opener set by Pro Idee.  It fits into a little oval nugget the size of your palm. It’s so tiny, once you put it in your pack, you’ll never find it again. I is amaze!

Brogamats: Yoga Mats for Manly Men

Guys love yoga too, but what guy wants to do the downward dog on some frou-frou yoga mat. They need manly mats with pictures of arrows and bows and outdoor sh*t. And now they have that. Brogamats ($35 – 69). Yoga mats made for the man who likes to stay limber, but wants a reminder that he still has a set of balls. Choose from a quiver of arrows design and numerous yoga bags such as a lumberjack yoga bag or a burrito yoga bag. Mmm…burrrrito.

Legos Sports Stadiums

If you can’t make it to your favorite sports stadium, now you can bring the stadium home. In tiny little Legos form. StadiumBrick sells plans to build a bunch of stadiums including Dodgers Stadium, Michigan Stadium, and Bryant-Denny Stadium. If they don’t have it, they’ll help custom make it for you. Make sure you love Legos. The prices run from $400-1200 depending on size. If stadiums don’t get your goat, try these other Legos releases.

KLAX Multi-Tool

The chances of finding a bunch of sturdy sticks beats the chances of finding random axes. That’s why Klecker Tools invented the KLAX multi-tool. It slips onto any nice-sized stick and turns it into a devastating ax of wood-splitting destruction. Take a look at their Kickstarter project. Only one concern: the KLAX flying behind the user when they bring it up.

Inflatable Hot Tub Means There’s Always a Party

All summer parties need hot tubs. It just makes things more…interesting. Next time the pool party invite comes, make sure to bring alone the MSpa Inflatable Hot Tub ($656). The included electric pump means quick inflation. These come with touch button controls, variable speeds and jet streams and quick drainage. It looks like it fits 2 comfortably or 3 if everybody wants to get to know each other really well.

Beats by Dr. Dre x Snarkitecture Studio Headphones

Imagine Dr. Dre sauntering into the Apple boardroom with these ultra-white special edition Beats headphones on his head. That would make an amazing scene. This special collaboration for the Beats by Dr. Dre x Snarkitecture Studio Headphones breaks out an all-white design and a special edition Pillow. Don’t rest your head on this Pillow though; they’ve made it out of all concrete. Head over to the Beats site on June 9th to grab you own pair.