Stampd Black Summit Surfboards

Another summer season, another chance to show off those killer surf moves, dood. These new Stampd Black Summit surfboards look great in and out of the water. A retro egg feel through turns based on the Gerry Lopez single fin movement. And it’s black and white. *claps hands* There’s no way to put a price on something as good-looking as this. $1800. Available here.

Skylock: The Mother of All Bike Locks

Kryptonite locks are gonna look so quaint next to the Skylock, the end-all, be-all for bike locks. This thing doesn’t just lock your bike, it’s more like a bike concierge.

Skylock has crammed a plethora of features into a tiny 2.5 pound package. Check out the Bluetooth 4.0. Users can unlock/lock the Skylock from their smartphone, or have it unlock when they reach a certain distance from the Skylock. It features a crash detection sensor. Onboard accelerometers sense changes in speed and if there’s a sudden change, it’ll ask you, via app, if you’re ok. If a response isn’t received, it automatically dials out to responders and gives your location.

Skylock 02

Become the Uber of bikes and lend out your bike to verified users in the Skylock network. But what about solar panels? It has those too. Great for recharging the battery. If there’s not enough sun, hook it up to a power source with the onboard micro USB. Whaaat?

The Skylock still is in the crowdfunding stages with an anticipated ship date of Christmas 2014. Right now, early birds can get it for $160, a big discount off the expected retail price of $250.

adidas Brazuca: World Cup Kicker

Here it is, Brazuca, the official match ball of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Adidas has put a lot of TLC into this one (like nearly three years worth with more than 600 players taking it for a test kick), and they say it delivers superior stability, grip, and even improved aerodynamics. The colors and ribbons are said to reflect the bracelets Brazilians wear, but we favor another outfit often seen on that country’s women. You’re gonna wanna scroll down to #3.

Killspencer Athletics: Sporting Goods With a Bad Side

What can you do with a black leather baseball? What’s can’t you do with it!? OK, well, see it at night for one, but other than that, Killspencer Athletics’ new line of sporting goods are ready for just about anything, including a walk down the runway. Choose from a stylish black leather football ($350), black leather soccer ball ($400), and much more. It’s pretty like if Fonzie opened up a sporting goods store, and that’s alright with us.

Nike Aeroloft 800 Vest: Can’t You Just Feel The Warmth?

Nike’s out with some new technology that promises to keep runners warm this winter, but not too warm; think Goldilocks‘ third bowl of porridge. The Nike Aeroloft 800 Vest is a crazy light insulating layer that’s made from perforated down. When your body moves, the vest breathes via laser-cut holes in between the down chambers. Dri-FIT side and shoulder panels also keep the clamminess to a minimum, and the rip-stop nylon exterior is more durable than a frozen fruitcake. The vest was tested on runners in New Zealand and Japan in all sorts of conditions, and you know how those Kiwis can run.

Nike Incyte Ball: Kick It New School

“Soccer ball to the nose” is right up there with “wasp in the shorts” when it comes to unbridled unpleasantness. Nike’s new Incyte Soccer Ball ($150) promises greater visibility so you can avoid such nastiness. Nike RaDaR technology uses a tracking pattern to help you see the ball and react faster, and its textured casing and 5-layer construction are designed to give you better control at first touch—of the ball, not the wasp. Try not to touch them.

Dimension TWO Longboards: It’s All About The Wood

When you’re riding the big one (we’re talking surfing here), you wanna be standing on some good wood. Dimension TWO Longboards are made from carefully crafted layers of fine beech wood that’s grown on the “sunny side of the Alps.” It promises to offer a tough and wear-resistant surface that can withstand any wave or Mako collision.

adidas Smart Ball: Bend It Less Like Posh Spice

If you’ve always envied the amount of stats that baseball fans get to pour over, yet you fancy yourself more of a soccer guy, the adidas Smart Ball should be on your radar. Using a sensor at the core, the ball is able to analyze its precise flight characteristics once it goes past 10 meters. Speed, spin, bend, trajectory of the flight, and more will be relayed to your iPhone app. There’s also a training mode that promises to get you bending it more like David Beckham and less like Victoria.