Panasonic ES-LV81-K

When it comes to electric shavers, few have been able to get it right. Dry shaving just plain sucks (so I hear), and who wants to deal with a razor that sounds like a blender when it touches your face. Ouch.  But the new Panasonic ES-LV81-K ($455 @ Amazon) has left no stone unturned with their new electric razor…including most letters of the alphabet in its name.

This wet/dry razor allows you to decide where you want to shave. In the shower, by the sink, over the toilet while you take care of your morning “biz”.  Even the cleaning mechanism is pretty simple. It uses a refillable water tank that mixes with a concentrated cleaning solution, which is inexpensive, long-lasting and easy to install. But the big question is, how does it shave?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how close the five thin foil blades shave. The head pivots in all directions, so it glides easily over the curves of your face and won’t tug at your whiskers. The black design is simple and modern with blue LCD displays on the front. And if you’re not the most observant of men, the digital battery readout on the front will keep track of your charge and use for you, and its equipped with an automatic cleaning system. Finally, to avoid any embarrassing “what’s that sound coming from your bag” moments at the airport, a simple twist of a switch prevents the razor from turning on by accident. Travel pouch included.

The Art of Shaving: Power Shave Collection

New York’s The Art of Shaving reveals its Power Shave Collection, featuring Power Razor with Smart Technology from Gillette. Complete with built-in time to change your razor indicator light, modern stand, an ergonomically designed handle for the perfect grip, and a power brush made from fine badger hair to create the ultimate lathering experience, this razor takes shaving to a whole new level.  The handcrafted polished chrome design actually gives this razor a striking look and feel. The Power Shave Collection retails for around $425. Who knew shaving could be so enjoyable?

LIBERTY Travel Size Badger Shaving Brush

With Father’s Day coming up, why not treat yourself (or your man) to LIBERTY’s Badger Fur Shaving Brush (left in the pic). Every man knows straight razors give you the best shave. And to lather on the foam, you need a quality brush. Badger fur does extraordinarily well in soaking up water, resulting in a strong foam after mixing. Lathering with a shaving brush lets you pre-clean the skin, create a lubricant for your blade and lifts the hairs up to be shaved. In the end, you get a baby-smooth face that no one can resist rubbing. Available at Portland General Store for $42.