Own Bits And Pieces Of History Including Meteorites, Mummy Wraps And Dinosaur Poo

Explore historical artifacts of the most interesting objects ever found. And never leave your desk. A new Kickstarter project by Hans Fex called the Mini Museum embeds miniature-sized collections of these items into a block of resin. What’s included? Try bits of the oldest matter ever collected in the known Universe – matter collected from carbonacious chondrites. Other items include pieces from the earliest evidence of life on Earth, the strelly pool stromatolites. Lunar rocks, dinosaur egg shells, Dracula’s castle, the Berlin Wall and many more.

According to Fex, he’s collected all these items over 35 years. Now, he wants to break each down into tiny pieces and embed them into resin. Are they real? Well, there are Kickstarter scams out there. Rex is a registered meteorite collector though, so it’s slightly believable. Fex offers 3 choices of Mini Museums: small, medium and large ($99, 159 and $239 respectively).

Liven Up The House With Skull Doorknobs

What mysteries await as you slowly turn this Skull Doorknob? An undiscovered world to be unlocked by your adventurous ways. The Skull Doorknob. Many travelers have tried, but none have succeeded. Go ahead, grasp that skull, you are Indiana Jones and this. This is the Temple of Doom. Now fling open the door! Glorious of glories!

Oh, it’s just a twin-sized bed and the lonely glow of a computer monitor. Have any girls ever been in here? Oh well, time for lunch.

This Stylish Watering Can Will Upgrade Your Plant Game

Straight pimpin’. That’s how you’ll feel pouring water from this ultra-modern watering can. And it’s not just from over function for Eva Solo’s Aquastar ($40). The narrow spout allows water to be directed to a specific spot without messy splashback. Splashback sucks. 

It’s possible this can also act as a pitcher for liquid. Pour lemonade in there, hold the spout to your mouth and make like a fern.

Two Stroke Smoke Candle

A two stroke candle might conjure up the wrong image, but relax, we’re talking about engines and racing here. The folks at Flying Tiger Motorcyles made the Two Sroke Smoke Candle ($20) with real Blendzall Racing Castor 2 stroke oil. Light it up and the scent of high octane racing fills the air. Close your eyes and imagine speeding down the track. Then, wake up to your girlfriend asking why the bedroom smells like a mechanic’s garage. Oh well.

Satisfy Your Burger Cravings with This

If you ever wanted your home to smell like a burger joint, today’s your lucky day. White Castle has just released this limited-edition Original Slider-scented candle ($15).  It comes in a ceramic replica of the signature White Castle Slider box. All proceeds go to Autism Speaks, the largest autism research and advocacy organization, so buy two. If burgers aren’t your thing though, try this fried chicken candle.

Monocle x Nendo Watanabe Globe: What A Wonderful World

Sometimes it seems like Louis Armstrong was right; it is a wonderful world. The Monocle x Nendo Watanabe Globe ($218) comes to Louis’ defense with its elegant black and white design. The major cities are marked in bold type, and the compact 14.75” x 10.25” size means you could have the whole world in your hands; or at least for at least a few minutes until it’s time to eat beef jerky or something.

giphoscope: Crank Up That GIF

Should we ever experience a massive, long-term power outage, complete with — gasp — no Wi-Fi, the Giphoscope will be ready to take care of our GIF fix. This is an analog GIF player, totally tailor-made and handmade in Italy. It plays 24 frames animated gifs/video sequences via a classically old-time hand crank. With a mix of aluminium, Italian walnut wood, and again, a sweet hand crank, knowing our GIFs are in good hands almost makes us wanna go off the grid. Almost.

Eazy-E Air Freshener: For That Straight-Outta-Compton Aroma

Eazy-E may have died tragically young, but his legend has endured. Now would anyone really wanna smell like the man, dead or alive? I mean, no. Not really. Fortunately this Eazy-E air freshener smells like apple (we’ll assume E’s favorite variety was Golden Delicious, with the occasional nod to a ripe McIntosh). Pimp your Corolla with the likeness of the godfather of gangsta rap, and keep your ride smelling like a fresh fruit stand. I’m pretty sure that’s how Eazy would’ve done it.