Wu-Tang Clan Welcome Mats

“Wu. Tang!. Wu. Tang!” “Wipe yer feet! Wipe yer feet!” That’s the new chant you and the friends will shout out with these Wu-Tang Clan Welcome Mats. It’s uncertain how the Wu-Tang Clan would feel about you wiping your size 11’s on their symbol, but if they get royalties, hey, wipe away.

The Oon Power Strip

Replace mundane beige power strips with something more colorful. The Oon ($79) power strip by David Okum looks like a strips of children’s building blocks. Wood balls mix in with the cube outlets to give a nice artsy touch to an everyday object. Maybe $79 gets a bit pricy, but the girls will like this nice touch to the mess of cables below any guy’s desk.

Class Up Your Living Room With The Balolo Wooden Playstation 4 Cover

You love your Playstation 4, but to some girls, it’s a toy. And that turns them off. What’re you gonna do, give up girls? Nope. Just hide that Ps4 inside this amazing Balolo Wooden Cover ($210). These come made in Germany and select from four wood options, walnut, bamboo, zebra and cherry. Get this and they’ll ask you what’s inside the box. What’s inside the box??

Make Your Bike A Centerpiece With The Shelfie Bike Mount

A bike mount that functions as more than one. A riddle? Puzzles, we speak in? No, it’s the Shelfie Bike Mount. Sure it hangs your bike, but it also proudly displays your bike, like artwork. Make that old frame part of the interior design, not something to stow away in the basement, but something to behold. Get yours here.

The Gripstar: I Believe I Brought A Clip

Gotta love when tech invades old school objects, like the clip. Yes, the clip. That thing just got better. The Gripstar makes the clip cool for the first time since 1641 or something by providing a fast, functional, and attractive way to hold something up. Just apply the adhesive, stick Gripstar against the surface of your choosing, then insert the object. It can hold up to 1.5kg of weight and it sticks against many types of surfaces, including wood, brick, glass, metal, and wallpaper– never leaving a mark.

Star Wars Target Shooting Range Prints: Han Shot First, You Shoot Better

Han Solo failed when he fired at Darth Vader; don’t let that happen to you. Prepare yourself for your inevitable showdown with the Sith lord with one of these Star Wars Target Prints ($32). Vader too cliche? Pop off at Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper holding Princess Leia, or a scaled down Rancor.

Magnetic Key Ring Holder & Shelf: Because You Can’t Lose A Shelf

The only thing that sucks harder than losing your keys is [INSERT MILEY CYRUS JOKE HERE]. Handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains by Meriwether of Montana, this magnetic key ring holder and shelf ($42) assures your keys will stay put at home because, come on, who could lose a shelf? Three strong rare earth magnets are embedded in the under side of the shelf and that’s your ticket to key cohesiveness.

Sky Planter: Hanging Plants Get Daring

Hanging plants in your bachelor pad may sound mundane, but when those plants are upside down, watch out now! Sky Planter ($35) defies gravity, frees up space, and allows for plenty of Tarzan & Jane role playing shenanigans. The trick to the floating foliage is the mesh collar which can be cut to fit your plant and a locking lid that keeps the soil from soiling your floors. It also conserves water.