Consolatio Car Bed: A Race Car Bed For Grown Ups

You know those race car beds they make for 5 year olds? Now they made one just for you. A race car bed for grown-ups! The lucky girls that see your race car bed may not approve though. Especially when you make “vroom vroom” sounds in the bedroom. It’s worth it considering this bed comes with hello, a drink holder! Besides that, the headboard doubles as two leather seats that you and the missus can relax in for a night of Netflix. These don’t come cheap though at $4,000.

Shell Stool

Jake Phipps, a British furniture designer, came up with the Shell Stool ($350). When you sit on these bullet casings stools, they fire a blast of manhood up your butt. like that, don’t you? If not, perhaps you prefer planting flowers with shotguns.

Hide Your Dirty Drawers…And Other Kitchen Accessories Behind These Cabinets

If space is limited where you live, take a look at these concealed kitchens by Resource Furniture. The Stealth Kitchen hides all your appliances behind a non-obtrusive design of cabinetry. All the appliances are here: refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, oven, cooktop, sink, counter space and abundant storage. They’re all manufactured in the United States also, so there’s that.

There’s A Party At Your Place And It’s In This Bed

Think about the bed you sleep in right now. Mattress, box spring, headboard. Booooring! Now imagine a bed that listens to your heartbeat and plays an LED light show for you. A bed that syncs up to your smartphone and vibrates with the beats as music blares out of four speakers. And imagine that it’s a temperature-controlled waterbed. You just imagined the new Tranquility Pod ($30,000) from Hammacher Schlemmer. Its egg shape does offer one disadvantage. Nowhere for farts to go.

Sleep Under The Stars Without Going Outside

Sleeping under the stars is nice and all, but dealing with the cold and mosquitoes kinda kills the mood. The Cosmos Bed by designer Natalia Rumyantseva eliminates all those pesky nuisances. Behold a white, fiberglass structure that resembles a cut-out egg. Overhead, LED lights form some night stars. Fall asleep to an audio system that plays music or white noise. The built-in fragrance dispensers pump out scents to help you sleep. Ladies will go crazy for this.

The Closest You Might Get To A Bentley Is Their New Furniture Line

Bentley brings the class of its cars from the road to the home. Its new furniture line includes sofas, armchairs and beds. Each come swathed in either leather, velvet or cashmere. Cashmere! Go ahead and ball out, baller.

Four Legs Good, No Legs Bad

Imagine taking any unique flat surface, throwing on a pair of legs and turning it into a table. An old chalkboard or tree stump. Used, leftover granite from construction projects. Materials from salvage yards. These Floyd Legs ($49) can now convert those parts into working desks and coffee tables. They come in 2 different sizes: 29″ for tables and 16″ for coffee tables. Real American steel means a lifetime of use. Leave the iKea at home and unleash the creativity within, like Tony Robbins would say.

The Q1 Geometric Chair: Perfect for Math Lovers

Chairs. Such endless designs for the simple function of sitting. Ukrainian design house Odesd2 brings us this Q1 Chair ($1200), a geometric-patterned chair whose “spherical shape..provides the most comfortable and natural fit.” Upright, upside down, side to side, one leg over the other. No, that doesn’t describe your dance style. Those are a few of the endless positions to experience in this forward-thinking design piece.