The Weekend Refill, 4.19.15

Longer pieces from this week. Definitely not bathroom reading. Unless you have a severe case of diarrhea.

– Tragic story of Christy Mack and MMA fighter War Machine [ESPN]

– Trader in the wild [Businessweek]

– 10 biggest Marvel heroes not yet seen in live action [Observation Deck]

– The funny man behind Judd Apatow [NY Times Magazine]

– The machines are coming! [NY Times]

– Make millions (but there’s a catch) [New Yorker]

The Weekend Refill, 6.6.14

– Girl scout so overjoyed about selling 60 boxes she does a faceplant [The Blemish]
– Soldiers look back on D-day. [Art of Manliness]
– Don’t ask for a countdown on a rollercoaster. [Cheezburger]
– GoPro bike crash. [Sick Chirpse]
– No legs, but can still thrash on the skateboard pretty well. [Man of Many]
– 7-year old gets Lamborghini birthday party [Autoblog]
– Get thousands of matches on Tinder with just one photo. [Sneakhype]

A stripper enters Dunkin’ Donuts. You’ll never guess what happens next!

– Screen test featuring really scary person. [Screenrant]
– Mashup shows how Pharrell songs all start the same way [Gawker]
– Real life locations of fictional tv show hangouts. [Mental Floss]
– Johnny Football parties in Vegas. He’s the next Gronkowski. [Busted Coverage]
– Guy grabs a bat to a fight and no, that doesn’t end well. [Live Leak]

The Weekend Refill, 5.30.14

Joe gets an instant date with Andrea. That probably made his day.

– 15-year olds party, drink and make out. [The Blemish]
– The only way to enter a club. [Sick Chirpse]
– Moms reveal secrets their kids don’t know. [Laughing Squid]
– Don’t chase a foul ball while carrying a baby. [Deadspin]
– Yoga farmer. [Neatorama]
– A couple of elderly ladies out of place during improv [22 Words]
– Horrible tinder texts. [Sneakhype]
– Pro’s and con’s of having big boobs. [Thoughtcatalog]

Here’s the guy who makes all the WWE championship belts.

His stealing gas prank went wrong.

She wore invisible jeans. Did anyone notice?

Weekend Refill, 5.17.14

Girls who read are hot. Especially when they do it topless.

– Dude steals other guy’s girl right in front of him. So much sad [The Blemish]

– Beautiful Australian architecture made from shipping containers [Smatterist]

– Topless girls reading pulp fiction in the park. NSFW. [Coed Topless Pulp Fiction]

– Amazing insight into Steve Kerr and how his dad’s murder affected him [ESPN]

– Hot yoga instructor fail [Strange Beaver]

– Here’s what the little girl from the Missy Elliott videos looks like now [Buzzfeed]

– Black bear breaks into cabin for late night booty call [Reddit]

– Cop ambushed by huge tree branch during traffic stop [The Blaze]

– Japanese cabby offers diuretic-laced snacks to watch passengers pee [Gawker]

Weekend Refill, 5.11.14

The members of girl band ADAM sing one of their songs while orgasming. Yes, it IS as awesome as it sounds.

– Listen to girls sing while they climax (The Blemish)

– Swedish cheerleaders dancing to EDM (YouTube)

– A ‘McBain’ movie made from old The Simpsons tv clips (Laughing Squid)

– A timeline of NFL wide receiver insanity (Mandatory)

– Backstory on how Patriots drafted Tom Brady (BI)

– Dad shakes baby around while going for home run ball (Deadspin)

– Jimmy Kimmel gets mothers to reveal shocking secrets (YouTube)

– Creators of Lost give a behind-the-scenes history (Esquire)

– 7 scientifically-proven ways to greater productivity (Medium)

– Slow Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” down and get haunting sounds (Wimp)

Weekend Refill, 11.8.13

Emily Ratajkowski hates wearing clothes. Truth.

– Emily Ratajkowski from “Blurred Lines” vid, butt nekkid (nsfw) (The Blemish)

– Dreams come true. 2 girls offer random guys threesomes (Whatever/YouTube)

– How to make 6 figures playing fantasy football (Business Insider)

– Odd pictures from Russian dating sites (Sad and Useless)

– Pornhub comments on stock photos (Tumblr)

– Kool-aid man bloopers (

– Lame attempts at social media engagement by corporations (Vice)

– Time lapse video of U.S. Army vet. Onions! (Bro Bible)

– If Disney princesses had beards (Pleated Jeans)

Weekend Refill, 11.4.13

Married people now have their own Kama Sutra positions.

– 23 year old scams dating websites for fancy dinners (The Blemish)

– Paulina Gretzky. Always looking good. (NESN)

– More evidence hockey players are the toughest athletes..or craziest (Bro Bible

– Kama Sutra sexual positions for married people (Sad and Useless

– Do’s and don’ts for the fashion challenged (Pleated-Jeans)

– Do your girlfriend’s farts stink? You need this (OhGizmo!)

– Make prison wine without going thru the whole jail thing (Foodbeast)

– Most disgusting Japanese wrestling move ever (GuySpeed)

– Spend a day with a Russian billionaire and his hot wife (Vice)

– Ever wondered how the Charlotte Hornets got their start? (Charlotte Magazine)

Midweek Refill, 10.29.13

Porn stars have the best selfies. Ever.

– Rachel Wilson’s boobs are bouncy (The Blemish)

– 10 best porn star Instagrams (GuySpeed)

– Sad Etsy boyfriends (Sad Etsy Boyfriends Tumblr)

– How to make big money with illegal tv/movie streams (TorrentFreak)

– Steve Aoki throws cake at wheelchair-bound fan (Youtube)

– 13 Trader Joe’s food hacks (First We Feast)

– The inside scoop behind NBA Jam (ESPN)

– Get to know the Japanese love industry (Man of Many)

– Pearl Jam jam & speak on Fallon (Consequence of Sound)