Weekend Refill, 6.14.13

Lucy Pinder and her new red suspenders.

– Lucy Pinder. Hot UK topless model dishes on face licking (The Blemish)

– Meet Leyla Ghobadi. Kanye’s newest mistress (Sneakhype)

– The dark side of Reddit (Daily Dot)

– Do squishy girls make you feel funny? Slightly NSFW (The Chive)

– This is NOT how you bench press (WSHH)

– Order these fancy secret menu items at Subway sandwiches (Foodbeast)

– Dressing like your SO. When love goes too far (Guardian UK)

[Image: Flickr/Craig Dugas]

Weekend Refill, 5.10.13

You put THAT in THERE…or so I’ve heard.

– Lily Aldridge, Victoria’s Secret model in a bikini (The Blemish)

– Use Facebook ads to meet hot women (Made Man)

– You know what a bar shouldn’t have? Alcohol (Eater)

– How to open 24 bottles of beer at once (Foodbeast)

– 10 things skinny guys shouldn’t wear (Ask Men)

– The Warriors’ new arena. Too bad it won’t help beat the Spurs (The Roosevelts)

– Tips on setting up a poker game at home (Unfinished Man)

– US General tells you why you should read (Strife Blog)

Weekend Refill, 5.03.13

Pole dancers have awesome grip strength. Just putting it out there.

– Rapper Danny Brown got a blow job onstage (The Blemish)

– The best in hand bras (slightly NSFW) (Bro My God)

– Woo women with a nice bachelor pad (Ask Men)

– Pole dancer photography (Sneakhype)

– The Walking Dead bad lip reading makeover (HuffPo)

– Kareem Abdul Jabbar: What I wish I knew (Esquire)

– Eat an apple. Like a boss (Foodbeast)

– A hypnotizing look inside an Amazon warehouse (High Snobiety)

Weekend Refill, 4.26.13

Peek-a-boo, I see you Mr. President!

– “I found the [swastika] sign.” Ace of Base member and his Nazi past. (The Blemish)

– Read this American war hero’s story. Be inspired. (SOFREP)

– These photos’ll make you wanna be a photographer. (NSFW) (Unfinished Man)

– Celebrities who love to photobomb. (The Roosevelts)

– What it’s like to get the call as a 1st round draft pick. (Bro Bible)

– What awaits those injured in the Boston bombings? (CNET

– Waterboarding. So quaint next to these Chinese torture tactics. (Business Insider)

– If we had Instagram in the 50’s and 60’s, it’d look like this. (Behance)

Weekend Refill, 4.6.13

This photo should be titled, “Let’s Time Travel to My Weekend”. You can decide which one of these three I am.

– Naked blondes and zombies (The Blemish)

– Rocio Guirao Diaz. That translates to smokin’ hot. Slightly NSFW. (Bro Bible)

– Ain’t It Cool News, ain’t it dead already? (THW)

– Watch the Throne, comedy style (The Comics Comic)

– America’s exporting sperm, everybody expected to pitch in (The Verge)

– Reasons to stay away from public transportation (That’s Sofa King Awesome)

– For design lovers, the D*Table concept table (Shoebox Dwelling)

Weekend Refill, 3.29.13

Smile for the cameras, my pretty…

– Kung Fu Grandpa (The Blemish)

– 6 ways to build the ultimate man cave (Unfinished Man)

– Actresses without teeth (Actresses without Teeth)

– Here’s a dancing usher that out-ushers Usher (Bro Bible)

– How to buy the right flask (EveryGuyed)

– Avicii can have any girl he wants. U jelly? (GQ)

– 11 times it’s ok to look like crap (Dappered)

Weekend Refill, 3.22.13

You’re looking at the tallest crossing guard in America with mad bball skillz to boot. And now, it’s time to welcome in the weekend. Holla!

– It’s great when bullies get what they deserve. (The Blemish)

– Every ‘yeah’ sung by James Hetfield of Metallica. Like, ever. (The High Definite)

– How to pick up a supermodel when you’re 83. Or any age. (Bro Bible)

– Meet the guy with the world’s biggest balls. (Visual News)

– Get the new gaming system, Raystation 4, in Chinatown, Toronto (Unfinished Man)

– Michael Jordan. Hall of Fame player. D-League Dresser. (wtfismjwearing)

– Traditional Mongolian goat roast. Does NOT taste like chicken. (Food Republic)

Weekend Refill, 3.15.13

Feast of Saint Patrick this weekend. Time to raise those chalices high, salute Pope Francis and drink green-colored alcohol. See y’all Monday!

– Porn stars before and after makeup (The Blemish)

– St. Patty’s Day. Drink drink drink! (Unfinished Man)

– The 64 greatest pajamas of all-time (Kempt)

– The inside world of ‘rat breeders’ (Ars Technica)

– The drudgery of looking for love in China (NY Times)

– More proof of Peyton Manning’s awesomeness (ESPN)

– Ready that knapsack and explore with these freight train riders (Twisted Sifter)

– Rainbow spaghetti (Swiss Miss)