Thug Kitchen Cookbook Cuz Thugs Need Nutrition Also

Best eat yer rice and vegetables. Foo! Fighters? No. Ever heard of the Thug Kitchen website? If not, we’ll give you 3 seconds to come up what it could be. Check it out. Recipes given to you no-nonsense style with a dose of Mr. T, or Ice-T for this generation. Now, they’ve come out with a recipe book, Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck. You want Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos? Pumpkin Chili? Grilled Peach Salsa? You got it. Beginner recipes for home cooks and none of the fluff, believe dat s**t son!

Have Fun Getting In Shape With The Sexual Fitness Book

Let’s pretend you have sex. No, really. So you have the sex and it’s a good workout, the cardio skyrockets, but why not make it super intense. Combine sex with exercise. You may want to boost low t levels to improve your performance in bed.

Stress can exacerbate an existing sex problem or cause a new one from scratch. It not only reduces blood flow to the genitals, but also releases hormones that depress testosterone, in most of the cases men opt for male enhancement pills to increase the testosterone levels and enjoy their sexual life. Stress also paves the way for cardiovascular disease, and it raises your risk of both anxiety and depression. It can also cause erectile dysfunction in some men in some cases, and that’s why people look help in products like cbd to relief stress, so all you need to find out if Is Delta 8 Legal In Virginia so you can use it in this state. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there’s a possibility that you have a Peripheral Arterial Disease, visit the website to learn more about the other symptoms of PAD.

In a study of 1,709 men over 40, researchers found that the more the men exercised, the fewer sexual problems they reported. Why would that be? Because exercise increases blood flow to the genitals. It boosts testosterone, which fuels libido in both genders. Aside from exercise, reading erotic literature will also give you the freedom to explore and enjoy your fantasies. It also elevates mood, reduces insomnia, helps control weight, promotes deep relaxation, minimizes menopausal discomforts and contributes to self-esteem. All six of those factors enhance libido and sexual satisfaction. Another tip from experts is to use natural penis enhancement supplements, visti the link to learn more.

Regularity will benefit you more than intensity. It’s better for health and sex to take a 45-minute walk every day, for example, than it is to hike five miles twice a month.

Oh, but I don’t know any exercises to do during sex you say. Not to fear, Sexual Fitness ($10) is here. Learn new exercises line “perendickular lines”, “the ballerina bunnies” and “crotching tiger horny dragon”. We’d even say it’s fun for the whole family, but that would just be weird.

Stars Wars AT-AT Skateboard Sculpture By Derek Keenan

Take two great interests and turn them into something colossal. That’s what Derek Keenan out of Denver, Colorado did. Black Book Gallery located in Santa Cruz has an exhibit called “Deathstar Blues” and Keenan’s art will be presented as part of it. The show also celebrates the Vans x Star Wars Classics collaboration. Head over to Black Book Gallery to see this if you make it in the area.

Haute Dogs

Comfort food has grown increasingly gourmet. Just look at the ol’ standby mac and cheese. You thought it was just for kids and poor college students? Not anymore. Another comfort food gets the star treatment: hot dogs. Or in this case, Haute Dogs ($13), or Haute Dogs: Recipes for Delicious Hot Dogs, Buns, and Condiments by Russell van Kraayenburg to be precise. This 168-page recipe book takes cooks beyond Oscar Mayer and into the realm of Japanese fusion, slaw dogs and Texas BBQ dogs. This book should hold us over while we wait for 101 Ways to Use Kool-Aid in the Kitchen. Head over to Russell’s site, Chasing Delicious, for some pretty awesome food porn.

Coolhaus Ice Cream Recipe Book

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. Well, pipe down because there’s a book that’ll help you make awesome ice cream flavors like Bourbon Pecan Pie and Chicken and Waffle. Coolhaus Ice Cream Recipe Book ($20) grew from the Coolhaus food truck dreamt up by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller. Both started off in architecture and real estate, respectively, and now have ended up with a national ice cream brand. 240 pages of every kind of ice cream you can imagine, including an extensive vegan and vegetarian selection.

Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

Twin Peaks came on, and then went out, with a bang. It only lasted from 1990-1991, but won three Golden Globe awards. Now, a special 10-disc Blu-ray collection, Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery ($120), drops and it gathers all the episodes, the 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and 90 minutes of deleted scenes. The box-set includes the original version of the pilot show, and a special international version. The only thing NOT included is David Lynch’s remake of Return of the Jedi.

The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2oo1: A Space Odyssey’

Truly great movies don’t come along every year. Unless you count Kevin Hart or Kevin James movies. Those guys are classic. We need a buddy movie with those two. 100 to 1 odds they’d do a fish out of water movie. Without those two, we’re left with such movies as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. 2014 plants fifty candles on the spaceship-shaped cake of his film masterpiece. TASCHEN, who make amazing books, comes out with the very special, The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2oo1: A Space Odyssey’ ($750).

Four volumes of material documenting the amazing set designs, special effects and very unique correspondence between Kubrick and his co-screenwriter, Arthur C. Clarke. In effect, a peek at how talented people collaborated and produced something groundbreaking.

Additional materials include never-before-seen photographs taken straight from the Kubrick Archives. The book comes in a monolith-shaped metallic box and a limited run of 1,500 copies.

Godzilla: The Art of Destruction

Get a great companion piece to go along with the recent Godzilla release. Godzilla: The Art of Destruction ($27) includes 156 pages of illustrations, storyboards and sketches that show a behind-the-scenes view of the movie’s creation from conception to the silver screen. There is one dinosaur though, that might be a worthy challenger to Godzilla’s title.