Vanhawks Valour Smart Bike

Welcome to the world’s greatest bike. The Vanhawks Valour uses integrated technology in the bike to guide and protect you. So many features. There’s an integrated bluetooth that links to your smart phone for directions. LEDs on the bike signal when to turn. On-board sensors measure your physical activity while using the bike and provide the best bike safety. It then beams this information back to your iPhone, Android phone or Pebble smartwatch.

Thousands of motorcycle riders around the world use Zecycles to search for bikes and parts. There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing one of these motorcycles, from pure performance to sheer looks. When you are looking for one of these bikes, you will need to look for a reputable dealer in your area. They will be able to provide you with help and advice when it comes to making the right purchase. You may also want to find out from them how much they will offer for a new or used model.

That’s not it. Oh no, far from it. Its ergonomic design also relieves pressure on your spine, back and butt. It has a carbon fiber design for ultimate durability. It evens massages your prostate.

Pony up money to their Kickstarter campaign and pray that they don’t run off with it like some other Kickstarter projects.

LEAOS Electric Bike

You have style and your electric bike should as well. LEAOS gives you the LEAOS Electric Bike, a carbon fiber bike modeled after Vespa scooters. This beauty hits almost 30 mph and has features galore, including Nuvinci automatic shifting, carbon fiber mudguards and integrated displays on the handlebars. All LEAOS Electric Bikes come designed and handmade in Italy and we all know how great Italian fashion and manufacturing are.

Vintage Bicycles Gussied Up With That Newfangled Electricity

Oto Cycles have taken electric bikes forward by taking them back. These may look like 1950’s vintage bikes. But they’re fitted for the future with LCD displays, Brooks saddles and 750w motors for speeds up to 34 mph. Yowza!

Every model comes handmade in Barcelona and buyers have free rein when it comes to customization. Choose bike colors, tires, saddles, motors, batteries and other components. To infinity, and beyond!

Ballin’ On A Tricycle

“They see me rollin’, They hatin’, Patrolling they tryin’ to catch me ridin’ dirty…” Chamillionaire. That’s who you’ll be singing as you ride this motorized tricycle, the Sway Lithium ($8000). Sway is an all-electric three wheelin’ vehicle described by the makers as somewhere between skiing and motorcycling. Slalom through the streets as you tilt side to side on the patented steering system.

Remarkable that this thing hits 60 mph. Get a range of 40 miles on a 3.5 hour charge. Pedestrians will marvel at your space age transport system. “What is it??” they’ll excitedly ask, clamoring for a better look. “Yo boss, it’s a Sway” you’ll reply, then strap on a helmet (safety first). “And I’m out!”. Cue up Chamillionaire.

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike: The Eco-Harley

Capturing the badass vibe of an early motorcycle and melding it with today’s green-first mentality, the ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike ($5,000) offers a unique blend of classic style and 21st century function. Each bike is handmade in California and is good for up to 35 miles of feet-free fun on a single charge. Take it up to 20 mph in street legal mode or 36 mph in race mode.

Xkuty Electric Bike: Paradise By The iDashboard Light

If you’re so addicted to your iPhone that even a 20-minute bike ride is too long to be away from your precious device, the Xkuty electric bike (2800 euros) is the pedal-pusher for you. With a free app, you can use your iPhone as the dashboard, offering a way to see your speed as well as the bike’s battery life. Thanks to the iPhone’s gyroscope, it can also sense when you’ve taken a nasty spill, and it then dials 911 for you. The bicycle itself goes as fast as 22 mph and boasts hydraulic brakes. Not too shabby.

Vandeyk MACHINE FOR RIDING: Worthy Of All Caps, Ya?

There’s plenty of good reasons for Vandeyk’s MACHINE FOR RIDING to be in all caps. First of all it’s hand-built in Germany, and how many things do you own that were built by hand in Germany? Not enough probably. Secondly, this thing is super light due to its carbon fiber technology, so that means you’ll almost become one with the wind as you pedal through the streets of your neighborhood screaming “THIS BIKE WAS HAND-BUILT IN GERMANY YOU SONS OF B**CHES!” for no apparent reason.

Stromer ST1 Electric Bike: Pedal When You Feel Like It

Blending versatility and chic styling, the ST1 Electric Bike ($4,000) from Swiss manufacturer Stromer makes your urban commute more doable than a tipsy Christina Hendricks. You can pedal if there’s an Egg Mcmuffin you need to burn off, or you can let the rear-mounted 500-watt motor get you up to 30 mph with a range of 50 miles. With Magura MT2 disc brakes, Schwalbe BigBen puncture-resistant tires, and Shimano drivetrain components, you’ve clearly got a better alternative to the No. 12 bus.