Hard Graft Ocean Collection: That Means Stuff in Blue Now

Hard Graft has a great line for luggage and camera bags. High quality and amazing designs. They have a new collection, the Hard Graft Ocean Collection. It’s introducing the deep navy hue color to their products and they’ll add it to their existing line of straps, cases and other assorted offerings.

Never Lose A Sale Whipping Out This Business Card Holder

Business. It’s all about power and intimidation. That’s what I’ve learned in business, i.e. watching Goodfellas and The Godfather. What better way to gain the upper hand with your client than with the American Psycho Business Card Holder ($25). Coolly remove this from your breast pocket, take a card out and say, “Let’s work something out”.

Make sure the other guy sees both the “Patrick Bateman” engraved front and the picture of American Psycho in the corner. “But I thought your name was Jeff Sanderson?” “Uhh…do we have a deal or not?”

Bat Crusader Contact Lenses: Dark Knight Eyes

Looking to the skies each night in hopes of seeing the bat signal can be a frustrating ordeal. “Siiiigh. Just the moon and stars again.” Take matters into your own hands with these Bat Crusader Contact Lenses (16 euros) from Eyesbright. While you may not be seeing the bat symbol everywhere you gaze, anyone who makes direct eye contact with you will. Batman too cliche? Give your peepers a pep up with Avatar, Voldemort, or Evil Dead lenses.

Ridge Wallet: Your Cash Deserves To Ride Shotgun

We men have traditionally kept our wallets in our back pockets, but is the rear seat what our dead presidents truly deserve? Our credit cards? Our IDs? Our 2010-purchased condoms? No sir. Slim things down and move your valuables to the shotgun spot with the Ridge ($38), a slim, aluminum and stainless steel wallet that lets you hold up to 10 cards and some cash right there in your front pocket. The Ridge also blocks RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), so tech-savvy bad guys won’t be able to swipe your vital info. Plus low-tech baddies who now try to pickpocket will just get a handful of ass, so everybody wins here. [via]

Titanium Utility Ring: Green Lantern’s With Envy

Green Lantern can use his ring to build emergency railroad tracks and stuff but can that ring open up a bottle of Corona? No. Because the bottle is yellow. But The Man Ring: Titanium Utility Ring ($385) opens up bottles (any color) and much more. Made from aerospace grade titanium, the ring features a bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade, saw, and mini comb! Use it on your Hitler Jordan ‘stache and you’ll probably get your own comic book.

KeyFlip: Get Home, Get Hammered

All you really need in life is a roof over your head and a cold one (Mr.Pibb?) in your hand. The KeyFlip covers you on both ends, getting you into your crib (do people still say that?) and then popping the top on your beverage of choice. It’s made out of aluminum, so even if you’re trying to pry open one of those notoriously tough-to-open Chastity Belt beers (not a real thing), the KeyFlip won’t break.

Omega Solid Titanium Wallet: Innovative Ass Protection

Wallets are hot. We’ve recently covered wallets made from wood and aluminum, and now we have one made out of solid titanium, the Omega Solid Titanium Wallet to be exact. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes! Ass protection! Now you can freely take that walk through the hood without fear of a stray bullet or deranged ex-girlfriend lunging at you with a rusty syringe. Just lead with your booty like Captain America does with his shield and you’ll be safe. You can carry about five cards and some cash in this thing, and as a sweet bonus, it also serves as a bottle opener. Let’s see Steve Rogers do that! [via]

Obtainium Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Wallet

If you want your wallet to be simple, strong, and sexy, it’s tough to beat the Obtainium wallet ($99). Made from aircraft-grade aluminum and hard-coated to a satin texture, this minimalist money-holder is incredibly durable, and the unique strap system lets you easily slide your license in after that fresh-faced cashier at Target once again cards you for your weekly Mich Ultra purchase. You ever think maybe she/he has the hots for you? Beware: this wallet will only add to your appeal.