‘I Just Boldy Went’ Onesies Sure To Please Baby Star Trek Fans

“To go boldly where no man has gone before”. The catchphrase every Trekkie knows. These Star Trek onesies ($15) for your kids take a different approach. Your kids aren’t going where no man’s gone before, they’re just going. In their diapers. 24/7. Little pooing and peeing machines. “I just boldly went” could not be any more truer with little kids.

The Chipotle of Jeans

Chipotle-style customization has made its way from Mexican food to the world of jeans. Flint and Tinder gives the customers options to choose from over 8,000 combinations of style, fit, denim and hardware. Select from slim, classic and relaxed fits. Their denim comes in three different fabrics. Finally, choose from different patches and hardware.

The fabric are high-quality weaves from the world of selvedge denim. Every pair is made in the good ol’ USA. And Flint and Tinder offers a special 50% buyback program. Within one year, send these back and get 50% credit towards a new pair. Unfortunately, they don’t come with guacamole or sour cream.

The Secret Ingredient in These Jeans Helps Prevent Odor and Stains

Jeans don’t look good when soda gets spilled on them or when they get peed on. It’s a national epidemic. Second Narrow from Canada intends to curb this with their line of Second Narrow Jeans ($160 CAD) now on Kickstarter. A hydrophobic mixture acts as a traditional wax coating on the jeans to ward off water and odors. Wear these and stay dry and stink free.

They also make these out of Japanese fabric, known for its texture and color. Choose from three fits: tapered, straight and an experimental one called J-cut. This cut has a regular rise and a curved seam pattern that creates stacking in the leg (meaning the creasing and bunching of your jean’s legs). How will these ‘stack’ up against the king of kickstarted jeans, Gustin? We shall see.

Lumina USA Made Denim: Your Next Go-To Jeans?

Sadly, just like Old Yeller, every pair of jeans must eventually be put down. Instead of getting into some crazy jeans cemetery shenanigans, consider finding a new go-to pair. Lumina, a North-Carolina-based clothing company that makes all its stuff in the USA, has a new option for that coveted role. Versatility and subtle detailing in the stitching and on buttons and rivets make both the Trenton ($108) and Ayden ($148) solid choices for work or play.

ATLAS Performance Socks: Save The Sweat For Your Drawers

Office jobs might not require the physical exertion of say, a construction worker, but there’s no faking the funk that emanates from your feet after a long day in some subpar socks. ATLAS performance dress socks ($28 for a 2-pack) promise to keep your feet fresh all day long using carbonized coffee-infused polyester. This magical fabric apparently works wonders when it comes to absorbing sweat and odors, the bodymapped design of the sock is expected to deliver primo comfort. Plus if there’s ever a coffee shortage at work, I mean, you could do worse than ringing out your socks for an emergency  caffeine hit.

THE BLUER DENIM PROJECT: Authentic Genes In Your Jeans

Not sure where your jeans came from? No, we don’t mean the murky history behind that thrift shop pair you picked up—you’re better off not knowing there. We mean the DNA. Is it USA? BLUER DENIM (jeans start at $95) prides itself on being a transparently sourced American premium denim brand. With guidelines of strict corporate responsibility and a reduced environmental impact, each pair is designed in Portland, Oregon, contains cotton grown in Georgia, Cone White Oak denim milled in North Carolina, and YKK buttons, rivets and zippers forged in Kentucky. The jeans are cut, sewn, washed and hand-finished in Los Angeles. The only drawback is the depression you might feel knowing your jeans have seen more of the country than you have.

100 Day Wash Free Shirt: Goes Great With Axe

Can the mad scientists behind the Wool&Prince shirt ($98) actually be onto something here? They claim you can don these button-down shirts for up to 100 straight days without them stinking, wrinkling, or even showing gravy stains. All we know is the designers say the “Wool Science” involved with these shirts allows them to go places no other shirt has. Just make sure you go to those places with several cans of Axe Body Spray on hand.

Snowballs briefs: Cool Nuts Make Quick Babies

Well here’s something. Ya know, usually most guys are trying to avoid impregnation, but if you’re one of those chaps who’s ready to create a lil clone, Snowballs ($55) might be the perfect pair of briefs for your sweaty sack. These organic cotton underwear feature wedges of freezable, non-toxic gel that mold to the body and keep the plums cool; and cool plums — say doctors — means fewer blanks being shot. Of course, you can still wear these even if you don’t want kids and just want your skittles bag to be a few degrees chillier–just have a good excuse ready when you get to the urinal.