Rag & Bone 2013 Fall/Winter Collection: Fight Frostbite Fashionably

This just in: It’s cold out. Yeah, regardless of what P-Phil predicted, most of us still have at least a month more left in our visit to Brrr Town. Make the most of these dreary days with some uplifting attire via Rag & Bone’s 2013 Fall/Winter Collection. Wool shirts, pea coats, lengthy scarves, trendy trousers, and more highlight the offerings. Check out behind the scenes shots from their Fall/Winter show in the gallery (Images courtesy of Brian Ziegler).

Nanotech Storm Suit: Stay Cool, Not Cold

James Bond seems to do most of his badassery in a suit, but hey, how does he stay so toasty when tangling with toughies in those frosty locales? Perhaps 007 has been slipping into the Nanotech Storm Suit from Indochino ($500+). Not only will these suits keep you feeling Disney movie-warm, they’ll also ward off wrinkles, water, stains, and odors. But the clincher is the sweet pocket for your phone that responds to your touch through the material so your pride and joy can stay protected from the elements–and Jaws.

HALL&MADDEN: Subscribe To Custom Shirts, Not Reader’s Digest

When that unexpected knock at your door leads to a pimply teen trying to sell you a subscription to InStyle or some crap, instead of caving in to the pressure, offer the kid this tip instead: Had you been selling dress shirts instead of magazines, you would’ve made a mint. Custom clothing startup Hall&Madden is on the case, offering up shirt subscriptions in one, two, three, or four-month intervals. Just pay $150 per period and you’ll receive a box of three fitted dress shirts. Two-ply imported cotton, mother of pearl buttons, and contrast cuffs highlight the build quality. Oh, and the fact that each box comes with absolutely no issues of Reader’s Digest.

Gustin Selvage Denim: Radical Rithmetic

It always seemed strange that the three R’s of education – reading, writing, and arithmetic – featured a very loose interpretation of what constitutes the letter R. But that’s not the case when it comes to jeans, where it’s all about the three F’s; Fit, Fabric, and Finish. For their new pants, Gustin is going with All-American selvage denim from Cone Mills, one of the few remaining domestic denim manufacturers. These are jeans you’d normally find for $205 at retail, but now through Kickstarter, Gustin will ship them to you directly for $81. That’s a savings of $124, if my rithmetic is right.

Louis Vuitton 2012 Fall/Winter Outerwear

To get the jump on your fellow man when it comes to fashion, you must always be thinking at least a season ahead. So while there’s nothing you can do about yesterday’s 3rd degree sunburn, you can check out Louis Vuitton’s complete fall/winter collection for 2012. LV’s new items include new takes on the classic pea coat, windbreakers, shearling jackets, and more. Perhaps with a little planning, you can avoid frostbite come January?

Columbia Sports Omni-Freeze Shirt

They don’t call these the dog days of summer for nothing. At least I’m pretty sure they don’t. Regardless, now more than ever, you need clothing that works with you during the heat. The Columbia Sportswear Omni-Freeze shirt ($60) is totally on your team with its wicking polyester base embedded with thousands of 0.15-inch hydrophilic polymer rings. Those rings absorb sweat and expand, letting your body heat escape faster. So if the question is WHO LET THE HEAT OUT?? The answer is the Columbia Sportswear Omni-Freeze shirt.

Ministry of Supply Apollo Shirt: Made from Spacesuits

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that ladies love pit stains. Big, sweaty, greasy, eat-through-the-fabric pit stains. I learned this while vacationing on Bizarro World. But if you prefer dry shirts over throngs of sex-crazed women, then sure, check out Ministry of Supply’s Apollo Shirt ($105). Based on NASA heat regulation technology used in spacesuits, this shirt will stave off the sweat in the summer and keep you warm in the winter. It knows what you want, man. But not what the ladies want. Remember, they enjoy sweaty armpits.

Nike + Levi’s 511 Skateboarding Denim

Skaters have created fashion trends throughout the years, so it’s only fitting that the fashion industry get off its lazy keester (let’s bring that word back!) and return the favor. Nike and Levi’s have partnered to produce high performance denim specifically for skateboarding. 511 Skateboarding Denim ($198) integrates Nike’s Dri-FIT and vectran technologies with Levi’s classic sturdy construction, giving skaters a stylish and functional option for their lower extremities.