RPMWEST Raw Denim Jeans: Goodbye Fitting Rooms

Trying on jeans in a dressing room is right up there with standard-definition TV sports-watching in terms of things that should’ve been outlawed by now. Doing their part on the pants front is RPMWEST. Using high quality Japanese selvedge denim (a term reserved for denim made on vintage shuttle looms), RPMWEST promises $200-style jeans for $95. What’s more, three pairs will arrive at your door to try on in the comfort of your own pad. Just keep the one that fits best and send the other two back, free of charge.

James Bond Fragrance for Men

When 007 isn’t wearing the scent of last night’s Octopussy, you can bet he’s smelling damn good, my friend. Now, finally, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the film franchise, comes James Bond Fragrance for Men. Spritz yourself with the hints of fresh apple, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver, along with lavender, moss and coumarin, and you’ll be bagging more babes than Q would know what to do with.

CK One Shock

They say the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach, and the way to a woman’s heart is through her senses. But what if you could attract a woman by appealing to both her senses and her stomach? Calvin Klein’s new fragrance, CK One Shock for Him, has done just that by combining hints of clementine, cucumber, cardamon, black pepper, and black basil into a spicy, masculine fragrance. It’s said to leave behind a musky, earthy scent that will leave her wanting more. And the bottle? It’s edgy, modern, and playful – just like a man should be.

BLK DNM: Perfume 11

From Bieber to Beyonce, everyone and their mothers has a fragrance to call their own. So why shouldn’t Johan Lindeberg of BLK DNM get a piece of the action? The NYC-based BLK DNM just announced their new fragrance, Perfume 11, named for the year of its introduction. Umm…2011. Inspired by Lindeberg’s personal preferences (re: “black pepper, musk, cedarwood and incense“), the scent represents BLK DNM’s first fragrance offering. According to Lindeberg:

“This year is special: it has been tumultuous and full of revolution and energy. It feels like the new 1968, when new values were being created all over the world. The scent, like everything BLK DNM, is about freedom of expression.”

Perfume 11, priced at $125, is an expression of the same. So where can energetic fragrance fanatics get their hands on this unique bouquet? Try the Webster in Miami, in BLK DNM’s NYC shop at 237 Lafayette Street in SoHo, and online at BLK DNM.