Bulbul Pebble Watches: It’s Time For Simple

With a number of smartwatches already on the market, and some big brands jumping into the game soon, it’s only a matter of time before you start getting judged by what’s on your wrist. Strike a preemptive blow to this trendy tech craze with the elegantly simple Bulbul Pebble Watches ($440). With their minimalist designs, Italian leather bands, and finely tuned, Swiss-made, four-jewel Ronda quartz movement innards, we think you’ll be able to live without the nonstop Facebook updates.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch: Keep Your Hands Where I Can See Them

Perhaps the most alluring thing about wearing a smartwatch is the freedom to keep your hands out of your pockets. Clearly society will appreciate your manners and label you a fine citizen if you’re not digging into your jeans for glances at your phone every 11 minutes, right? If you’re a Samsung guy or girl, you might wanna set aside $299 for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Boasting a 320 x 320-pixel, 1.63-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 1.9 megapixel camera for pictures and 10-second 720p video clips, and the ability to communicate with your other Galaxy devices, this metal-faced, rubber-strapped time-teller is due on US shelves in October. We’re hearing battery life will only be about 24-hours with regular use, so odds are your lonely pockets will still get some love.

Breitling Emergency II Watch: A Little Help Please!

No doubt about it, the Breitling Emergency II Watch ($19,000) would’ve saved Tom Hanks’ ass in Cast Away. This is the world’s first watch with a dual-frequency satellite alert and distress beacon, so whether you’re lost at land or sea, the signal will go out for your rescue for up to 24 hours. Because as charming as Wilson was, let’s face it: Volleyballs are meant to be spiked, not cried over.

The Bradley Timepiece: Feel The Time

The Bradley Timepiece ($128) gets its name from Lt. Brad Snyder who lost his eyesight after an IED explosion in Afghanistan, then proceeded to simply win two gold medals in swimming at the 2012 London Paralympics. The Bradley tells time via its two ball bearings, with one indicating hours and the other handling minutes. The ball bearings are magnetically connected to a watch movement beneath the face, so even when they’re touched and moved, they still return to the correct time with a simple shake of the wrist.

Malchert Schlossberg Watch: History On Your Wristory

The Malchert Schlossberg (3,000 euros) is an elegant new offering from Malchert Watches, a new company out of Germany, but one with a rich history. Founder Daniel Malchert comes from four generations of watchmakers, and that heritage and know-how is on display here with the attention to detail. The 36mm 316L stainless steel case contains a Nomos Alpha movement with 100 individual components working hard to tell you the time; the least you can do is wear it.

Shinola Limited Edition 40mm Runwell: Motor City-Made

Detroit has given us the Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Eminem, and of course automobiles. Now we add stylish watches to that list. Shinola’s  Limited Edition 40mm Runwell features a classic look with a black face and tan Horween strap. Each watch also comes with a handwritten note and tin of leather care balm to keep the band looking better than Eminem’s home life.

Grieb & Benzinger Shades of Grey Collection: Meticulous And Masculine

Will the ladies go berserk over Grieb & Benzinger’s Shades of Grey collection watches like they did for those 50 Shades books? They should. These stunning handmade, skeletonized, and engraved watches come in four different flavors, with their white gold cases whetting the appetite for the meticulously made magic inside. The details on these pieces are divine; unlike the details in those crappy books.

KREYOS Meteor: Smartwatch With Voice & Gesture Control

While talking on the phone seems to be trending down in recent years (I cited that trend when explaining to my mom why I haven’t called her since 2003), talking to your watch is on the rise. The KREYOS Meteor smartwatch gives you the ability to answer phone calls directly from your wrist without reaching for your phone in your pocket. This waterproof watch has both a mic and speaker built-in. Use a gesture or tap a button on the watch and you’re off and blabbing. Of course you’ll also be able to respond to emails and texts, check your social media accounts, adjust your music, and talk to SIRI through your wrist.