Garmin HUD Windshield Navigation System: Heads Up, Buddy

Garmin’s gettin’ all 21st century on us here with HUD ($130), a portable heads-up display unit that takes your smartphone’s navigation instructions and splashes them on your vehicle’s windshield. Just stick the transparent film on the window, pair it via Bluetooth with Garmin’s StreetPilot or Navigon apps, and then keep your head up, son. You’ll see the distance to the next turn, current speed and even other info goodies like traffic delays and where the red light cameras are. As far as things on windshields, we’ve certainly come a long way from those Baby on Board signs.

I’m Here GPS Tracker: Track That Thang Up

Losing stuff just became a whole lot more enjoyable. i’m Here ($170) is a GPS tracking device that can be put in a car, piece of luggage, or a wandering child’s pocket. Just make sure that child is yours or else there could be some legal action involved. The integrated SIM card accesses the global GSM mobile network to transmit its position and then you’re good. It also figures to come in handy for runners who can use it track their zigzagging route they take while jogging deep into a spooky forest if they live near a spooky forest.

Garmin Montana

While smartphones offer a broad range of uses, we still require specialized tools for individual jobs. For those who spend lots of time outdoors, Garmin introduces the Montana ($700 USD), a rugged multi-function GPS. The Montana provides functions for the outdoors person, all in one package and not spread across multiple apps. Packed in a single unit is a barometric altimeter for elevation profiling, worldwide elevation model for profiling upcoming routes and 3-axis compass. A dual-orientation, 4-inch monitor also functions as a 5-megapixel camera. Use the Montana to navigate to your destination and take a picture of it once you get there.

Don’t worry about battery power. The waterproof unit runs on a lightweight, lithium ion battery, providing 16 hours of use or 3 AA batteries for 22 hours. Its rugged mount means the Montana can be mounted on motorcycles, ATVs or other off-road vehicles. Whether you will be boating, hiking the back countries or just driving to the store, the Montana will always guide you and be your loyal companion. Just be sure to tuck it in at night.