Sonos Play:1: Babysteps Into The Ecosystem

Sonos’ home audio products are all about creating a cohesive system of quality speakers throughout your house. But up until now, getting that project going took a little bit of a leap into the financial deep end of the pool. The Play:1 ($200) lets you wade in from the shallow end. It’s a stylish and sturdy wireless speaker that supports most streaming music services and plays anything from your phone, tablet, or PC. Plus now through Dec. 31 you’ll also receive the Sonos Bridge (normally $50) free of charge. That device lets you build a connected army of Sonos speakers in your home.

Revo SuperConnect: Are The Morning Zoos Wackier In Tokyo?

Like a less funny Jason Voorhees, it appears the ‘Morning Zoo’ radio shows are apparently just not gonna die. So if we can’t escape them, let’s at least find out if they’re any better in other countries. The REVO SuperConnect ($400) is just the device to help you do that. This is an internet radio that not only helps you pick up more than 16,000 stations across the globe, but also features Bluetooth to play anything from your smartphone, as well as DLNA and Spotify Connect compatibility; all emanating from a 15W Class-D amp with a 3.5″ BMR speaker driver. You ready to be the 15th caller in Madrid? Si.

Samsung Shape M7: Disdain For Wires? Check It Out

One of the tech lover’s ultimate goals in life is to reside in a wireless house. While we all anxiously await the first mainstream cordless toaster, lets focus on the increasing wireless home audio options, shall we? While Sonos may be the king of the hill right now, Samsung is ready to take a crack at it. The Shape M7 speaker ($399) features a funky wedge design and can sit horizontally or stand vertically. Each speaker plays nice with Bluetooth, NFC, and dual-band Wi-Fi, and when paired with Samsung’s Hub ($49), you can fill multiple rooms with the sweet sounds of say, the 20 worst songs of the ’90s.

Marshall Mini Amp Bluetooth Speakers: Tight Genes

Bluetooth speakers come a dime a dozen these days, but when you have the Marshall logo emblazoned on your mini amp, you know you’ve got something special—even more special than that catchy Five Guys burger review. The Stanmore’s ($400) classic design will take you back to Elvis, but the audio quality has absolutely nothing in common with peanut butter and banana sandwiches. We’re talking crisp and clean music at any volume. Rock your jailhouse via Bluetooth, RCA input, or the 3.5mm auxiliary input.

Harman Kardon Onyx Speaker: Black And Proud

There’s plenty of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, just like there’s plenty of, uh, screws. But the Harman Kardon Onyx ($500) is aiming to be more than an also-ran; it’s looking to seize the throne. The Onyx is boasting of best-in-class sound anytime and anywhere you need it with its 4-speaker, advanced acoustic platform, and dual passive radiators. Connect via NFC, Airplay, DLNA for Android, or the auxiliary input and you can make a strong case for (audio) black power.

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 14: Your 4K TV’s Companion

If you’re the kinda guy who’s already planted a 4K TV in his living room, then 1) we’re jealous of your extreme wealth, and 2) we’ve found your surround speakers for you, sir. Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 14 costs a cool $3,995, and that’s for a 4.1 setup mind you. The styling is of course impeccable, with a 280-watt cylindrical subwoofer anchoring the bass and four individually powered 2.5-inch satellite speakers (140 watts) bringing you the highs of your favorite films. The aluminum casing on the speakers promises to keep the sound as pristine as the visuals. Sony’s ready with some 4K(ish) content. Are you?

Geneva Model S Wireless: The Clock Radio Grows Up

The dreaded BEHHT! BEHHT! BEHHT! of traditional alarm clocks was almost outdone by their unsightly aesthetics. The Geneva Model S Wireless ($300) fixes both of those problems with a slick minimalist design and powerfully precise acoustics. Seemingly free of any controls, once you connect your iPhone or iPod to the device an array of options light up. When you’re not waking up to your tune du Jour or the FM radio, you’ll have room-filling sound to savor. This is progress.

ICONE: Wireless Speaker Guns Hard For Trebek Turf

The wireless speaker field grows more crowded each day, so it’s important for new products to not only sound good but look sharp as well. As sharp as Alex Trebek looks on Jeopardy, you say? Whoa. Let’s not get crazy there. Still, the ICONE brings a unique and attractive tower shape to the table as it “diffuses the sound at 360°.” It works with both Bluetooth and Airplay, and there’s an analog connection for CD players and other increasingly ancient artifacts.