Sol Reader Ushers in Era of Lazy Literacy

Remember when we actually held books to read?? That's what we'll say if the Sol Reader ($350) succeeds. It's a

Staff 4 Min Read

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound A5 Is the Speaker That Makes Your Wallet Weep Harmoniously

I'm sure the world needs another portable speaker, but if it's coming from Bang & Olufsen, then we'll take it.

Staff 3 Min Read

Spacetop, Your AR Laptop

Do you want to strap on a bulky headset to go on those zoom calls? Me thinks not. Here's something

Staff 3 Min Read

Dyson 360 Vis Nav

The Ultimate Robot Vacuum for a Clean and Purified Home

Staff 4 Min Read

Latest Tech

These Headphones Will Cost A Lot To Lose

Wearable technology, it's a thing now. Apple's smartwatch might monitor your health, Google plans to make smart contact lenses, the

Staff 1 Min Read

Vifa Wireless Speakers Another Great Design From The Danes

Vifa has been developing speaker systems for high-end brands for over 80 years. Now, the Danish company has gone from

Staff 1 Min Read

Keep An Eye On The Kids With This Motion Alarm

Kids. Never in one place. Always running around with those legs and all. Use the Sammy Screamer to keep an

Staff 0 Min Read

A Speaker Bubble For Full Audio Immersion

Noise-cancellation headphones. They don't cancel noises that really disturb people, like the boss' voice or the caterwauling of a wanna-be

Staff 1 Min Read

Print Carbon Fiber Car Parts With the Mark One 3D Printer

3D printing will revolutionize the world. What does it mean for FedEx, UPS and USPS? How much more productive will

Staff 1 Min Read

Keep Track Of Anything (Or Anyone) With The Bringrr Tracker

It's a pain to lose or forget things. Like Grandpa Simpson, just how many times has he gone missing? If

Staff 1 Min Read

The PhoneSoap Charger Recharges and Disinfects Your Stinky Phone

Shall we play a game? Pick up your friend's phone. Look at it. Hold it up to your ear. Now

Staff 1 Min Read

Here’s A Mother You’ll Always Want At Home

What do you miss most about living on your own? Perhaps the messy roommates or the dirty dishes in the

Staff 1 Min Read

Put Willy Wonka Right In Your Own Home

Technology has finally solved one of the world's most pressing problems. The lack of instant, on-demand candy. No more driving to

Staff 1 Min Read
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