Sol Reader Ushers in Era of Lazy Literacy

Remember when we actually held books to read?? That's what we'll say if the Sol Reader ($350) succeeds. It's a

Staff 4 Min Read

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound A5 Is the Speaker That Makes Your Wallet Weep Harmoniously

I'm sure the world needs another portable speaker, but if it's coming from Bang & Olufsen, then we'll take it.

Staff 3 Min Read

Spacetop, Your AR Laptop

Do you want to strap on a bulky headset to go on those zoom calls? Me thinks not. Here's something

Staff 3 Min Read

Dyson 360 Vis Nav

The Ultimate Robot Vacuum for a Clean and Purified Home

Staff 4 Min Read

Latest Tech

They Injected Steroids In This Keyboard Controller

Here's a knob that needs to be held. The Griffin PowerMate ($60) allows for customizable programming of frequently used functions,

Staff 1 Min Read

You’ll Save So Much Time Cooking With This

The smartphone will control all aspects of life in the future. Mark that down. It can start a car, unlock

Staff 1 Min Read

Hack Your Sleep With This New Invention

Computers and robots will take over the world. It's a certainty. Heck, they can even learn from their experiences now. The

Staff 1 Min Read

The 2015 BMW i8 Will Have Equally Amazing Car Keys

Here are some keys you don't want to lose on the dance floor. For those lucky enough to afford the

Staff 1 Min Read

This Headset Reads Your Dog’s Thoughts

A group of Scandinavians currently have designs on creating the first device to translate animal thoughts into human language. The

Staff 1 Min Read

Samsung Knows What You Want: 105″ TVs

Another company will show off their entry in the increasingly popular "obscenely large, slightly curved" tv category. LG announced their

Staff 1 Min Read

LG 105-Inch Curved UltraHD TV: A Case Of The Bends

"It's OK for it to have a curve," my doctor told me the other day. Whew. Now I can buy

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

HiddenRadio2 Produces Magical Sounds

Bluetooth speakers have saturated the market, so it's even more important for designs to stand out. The HiddenRadio2 ($149) has

Staff 1 Min Read

Get Your Co-Workers Attention with the Rubber Band Machine Gun

Imagine peeking over a cubicle wall. Oh hi Bob, just had a question for you. Bam bam bam!! And unleashing

Staff 1 Min Read
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