Mega: Online Storage That Messes With The Man

A year ago, file-storage site MegaUpload was shut down by U.S. law enforcement officials in the name of piracy. Now, founder Kim DotCom is ready to stick it to the Man with his new place for you to stick your stuff, Mega. Mega users will start off with 50GB of free encrypted storage, and there are three pricing plans if you’re looking for more space and bandwidth beyond that. Of course if you really wanna flaunt your rebellious nature to the Man, go ahead and can upload some jaywalking photos.

Gigabyte A2 Tiny Portable HDD

Gigabyte makes losing portable hard drives even easier by introducing their A2 Tiny. This little bad boy packs 160GB in its slightly larger than lighter size frame. Inside, Gigabyte has placed a 1.8″ SATA hard drive, which is a smaller version of their original A2, running on a 2.5″ hard drive. Its special exterior surface prevents fingerprints smudges and is also heat resistant, though to what degree is unknown. Get it? What “degree”? It’s a play on words. Holla!

Gigabyte has specially designed the A2 Tiny to protect against shock and vibration. But not against awe. Har har. Flip out the USB connector and you are good to go. Oh, it only comes in charcoal gray and pricing is unknown. Now, feel proud when you hear that “it’s so tiny”.

LaCie CloudBox

You’ve probably been hearing about this thing called “the cloud” and how you should backup your important files to it. But how does one throw their digital lives into the sky and what if it’s a clear day? Well, thanks to the LaCie CloudBox, you don’t have to act like a fool asking your 14-year-old nephew these questions.

Designed to make online backups easier for the everyman, LaCie’s CloudBox allows you to load your important files onto the box which will then be automatically backed up to the cloud daily. Never lose that embarrassing photo you plan to blackmail your friend with again even in the event of theft, fire or physical damage. You can even check your data online. The added AES encryption helps makes sure no one else gets their grubby little hands on your files.

Every purchase of a CloudBox includes a 1-year, 100GB easily renewable subscription to cloud storage.

The cloud. It’s not just that thing above your head. Own a LaCie CloudBox today.

ioSafe SoloPRO, Protect Your Data Against the 2012 Apocalypse

With the 2012 Apocalypse fast approaching, how will you keep your data safe? Look no further than ioSafe’s SoloPro, a fireproof, waterproof and dummy-proof external hard drive. As fires ravage the lands, feel secure with SoloPRO’s 30 minute protection against 1550° heat. You’re on your own in that 31st minute, but half an hour should be enough time to formulate a plan. And as those floods race across the fruited plains, rest easy knowing your valuable porn is protected 10 feet underwater. For 3 days! It also doubles as a flotation device, although this isn’t disclosed in the instruction manual.

ioSafe includes a twelve month data recovery service with each unit. So, you’re all set if the apocalypse lasts into 2013. ioSafe’s SoloPro retails for $499, a much better investment than a bomb shelter.