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Coin: Digitally Stores All Your Credit Cards

It's easy to run out of real estate in your wallet when you load it up with credit cards, debit

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Outlier Doublebag: Cancels Out The Sniff Test

Taking a big whiff of those boxers in your suitcase -- unsure of whether they're clean or dirty -- can often

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Thermostat by Philippe Starck: Some Like It Hot, And This Thing Knows When

Running to the AC or fireplace every time you get warm or cold is so 20th century. What, are you

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

SwatchMate Cube: Color Match Any Surface

"Is that bedroom wall magenta or mauve?" Frankly, this is the type of question many straight men have difficulty answering.

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Jawbone UP24: Today I Will Get Off My Ass

The Jawbone Up24 ($149) is a fitness-tracking wristband with a bit of a 'tude. Wearing one and using its new wireless

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Revolv Home Automation Hub: When ‘Hands-Off’ Is Cool

Normally, "Hands-off" is right up there with "I'll have the surprisingly expensive lobster and steak, please" when it comes to

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Panono Panoramic Ball Camera: Ruggedly Round

Technology's something, ain't it? One day you've never even heard of a 360-degree camera, the next there's a thriving market

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Surf-ace Table and Bench: Have A Gnarly Thanksgiving, Dude

Is it your turn to host Thanksgiving this year? Blow their minds with the Surf-ace Table and Bench (12,000 euros); a

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

Everybody knows the stories behind Spidey, Cap, and The Hulk, but what about the stories of their creators? Marvel Comics:

Sam Jordan 1 Min Read
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